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Name3D Driving Class Mod Apk
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UpdateJune 21, 2022

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3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a car simulator game developed by the Glu team. This is a free driving class game that you can download from Google Play Store or APK Pure. The driving class mod apk is the latest version of this game, and it comes with unlimited money, double XP, and no ads.

The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk is one of the most popular games on the Android platform. This is because it offers an excellent experience to players. You can become a real driver with this game. When you play this game, you will feel like you are driving a car on the road!

3D Driving Class Mod Apk lets you customize your car and its colours and everything else related to it. This means that you can choose whether you want to drive an expensive sports car or a more affordable truck!

The 3D Driving School Mod Apk also allows you to race against other drivers playing this game! So, if you want some competition, this is the place for you!

3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a driving simulator game available for Android. It was developed by a company named Inca Games. In this game, you have to drive a car around and complete the quests and missions given to you. You can also play this game offline and online with other players from all over the world.

The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk has almost all the features of this app’s original version, but it has some additional features that are not available in the original version. The central part of this modded app is that now you can enjoy unlimited gold coins, fuel, unlock all cars, and many more extra features.

3D Driving Class Mod Apk latest version Apk-360.com (48)

What is 3D Driving Class Mod Apk?

The 3D Driving Class is a new driving game that you can download for free on your smartphone. This game is viral, and the main reason behind its popularity is its unique features. The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk is one of the best driving games you will ever play.

This game has been downloaded by many people worldwide, and it has received positive reviews from all over the world.

In this article, we will tell you everything about this new game. We will also provide you with links to download this fantastic game from our site (the link is given below). If you want to know more about this new app, then scroll down the page.

The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk is an application that allows you to drive various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, and motorcycles on different terrains such as dirt roads, highways, beaches, deserts, etc.

The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk offers realistic graphics and sound effects so that players can enjoy playing this new driving game without any problems or issues at all.

3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a driving simulation game for Android. The game features a realistic driving experience and challenging missions. If you are looking for a game that you can play on your phone, then this is the right choice for you.

In this article, we will show you how to download and install 3D Driving Class Mod Apk on your Android phone or tablet. This is an unofficial app, so please ensure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources option in Settings before proceeding with the installation process.

The following guide is written with the latest version of the 3D Driving Class Mod Apk in mind (2.3). If anything changes in future updates, we will update this guide accordingly so that you can continue using it without any problems.


3D Driving Class is a driving game that takes you to the world of speed and racing. This game is designed for those who want to learn how to drive cars quickly and safely. Itโ€™s a fun and exciting game that all ages can play.

There are many different cars available in the game; some of them are expensive and some not so much. You have to choose your favourite car and customize it to make it look unique. You can also change its colour and add new designs to it.

The controls of this game are straightforward, but at first, they may seem complicated as there are many buttons on the screen that you have to use while driving. But donโ€™t worry, there are tutorials available online, so you wonโ€™t have any problems in learning how to play this game properly.

You will be able to unlock new levels as you progress through the game, where each group will be more complex than the previous one.

You will also earn money by completing missions or winning races against other drivers, which will help you upgrade your vehicles with better parts or buy new ones altogether if you want something new or different than what you have now!

You must complete different missions to unlock new cars and levels in this mode. Each class has a different number of tests with increasing difficulty. You need to pass all tests successfully to move forward to the next level. There are five levels in this mode which are easy to moderate in difficulty level.

In this mode, you can choose any car for free and drive anywhere you want without any restrictions or time limits. You can enjoy every bit of freedom that comes with it but remember that there will be no reward for your driving skills here except for fun only!

3D Driving Class Mod Apk latest version Apk-360.com (48)

How to play 3D Driving Class Mod Apk?

The 3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a game that you can download for free from our website. You can play it on your Android phone or tablet without problems. The game’s objective is to drive your car and try not to crash into other cars, trains, or trucks. If you do not have enough practise for this, you should learn with the help of this great application.

In this game, there are different levels with different cars and roads on which you can drive safely. Some obstacles must be avoided at each level, and traffic cones must be passed through at full speed without losing control of your vehicle.

If you want to win this game, you need to keep practising until you reach higher levels, where the difficulty increases thanks to more challenging roads and obstacles such as train stations or railroad crossings.

In addition to the fact that it has many levels, which we have explained above in detail, we must mention that this app has excellent graphics and animations so that it looks genuine and even makes us feel like we’re driving in real life!

As we have already said before, this app is free, so anyone can download it without paying anything because there are no hidden costs!

3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a game that will let you drive a car or truck on any road you want. You can choose between different vehicles, including trucks, buses, and cars.

The game has an open world where you can do whatever you want. You can drive your vehicle around the city and explore it in detail. There are many different missions to perform and many other places to visit.

The graphics are excellent in this game, making it very enjoyable for anyone who likes racing games. The controls are easy to understand, and there is no need for any tutorial before playing this game. The gameplay is also straightforward, so anyone should be able to enjoy it without any problems at all!


Simple controls

The controls are straightforward, and you will have no problems driving in this game. You have to tap or drag your finger to control the car or truck and move through the tracks. The graphics are realistic, so you will feel like driving a car or truck!

Realistic scenarios

The driving class comes with many scenarios based on real-life situations that can happen while driving, such as traffic lights, stop signs, turns, curves, and much more! Each system has its track and background music which helps create an immersive experience for players. There are also different weather conditions such as rain, snow or fog, making things even more enjoyable!

Lots of levels

Driving Class comes with over 50 levels, where each level gets more complex than the last one! Each group has its map, which contains multiple roads that must be completed before moving onto another level!

Single Race mode

you will have to finish the race before your opponents do to win. You can choose between 8 different cars with different characteristics (speed, acceleration, braking). There are two types of races: sprint and endurance (forget about fuel). The sprint race lasts 6 minutes, and the endurance race lasts 20 minutes. You need to win at least three races to pass each level.

Multiplayer mode

It’s just like a single race except that you compete against real people worldwide! You’ll be able to see their names on the screen (if they want) to know who’s who while playing!

3D Driving Class Mod Apk latest version Apk-360.com (48)


  1. This app is free to download and play.
  2. It is a 3D driving simulation game in which you have to control your car on the road by handling the steering and acceleration pedals.
  3. The graphics of this game are very realistic and give you a feeling that you are actually driving a car on the road.
  4. You can also enjoy some advanced features like night mode, traffic jams, and more in this game.


There are some cons of 3D Driving Class Mod Apk. First of all, it is an online game, and you will need an internet connection to play it. Secondly, you should have a good internet speed to play it without any lag or delay. Thirdly, some ads on the screen may disturb you while playing the game.

How to download and install it?

Step 1: Tap on the Download button above to download 3D Driving Class Mod Apk.

Step 2: A pop-up will appear; tap on Install to start downloading 3D Driving Class Mod Apk.

Step 3: The application is now being downloaded from “APK-360.com

Step 4: Once the download is complete, you can find it in the Downloads folder on your device. Just tap the file name to open it.

3D Driving Class Mod Apk latest version Apk-360.com (48)


Q: Can I download 3D Driving Class Mod Apk?

Yes, you can download the latest version of the 3D Driving Class Mod Apk from our website. All you need to do is click on the download button and select the file you want to download. After that, you should extract it and install it on your Android device.

Q: Why does this app require permissions?

We require permission for access to your location to show you nearby driving schools and auto shops in your area using maps. We also need permission to read/write files to save your progress on our servers for better tracking of progress over time.

We also use these permissions for analytics purposes which help us improve the app over time by identifying bugs and fixing them quickly before releasing new updates with new features and improvements!

Q: How do I get unlimited money in the 3D Driving Class?

Itโ€™s easy! Just download our APK file and install the game on your Android smartphone or tablet, and then you can enjoy it!


3D Driving Class Mod Apk is a driving simulator game that is very popular in the Android market. You will have to drive your car through different scenarios and complete them by passing through checkpoints in this game. The game has some fantastic features that make it very addictive.

The main feature of this game is its 3D graphics which make it much more realistic than other driving games available on the market. You can also customize your vehicle and make it look unique according to your taste. You can also change the colour of your car and add some accessories like spoilers, rims, etc. so that it looks even better than before.

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