Blockman GO

General information

Blockman Go Mod Apk is a platform game where you have to travel in different worlds. There are various obstacles that you must overcome to complete the mission in each world. You will have to use all your skills and intelligence to escape these obstacles.

You can also use various weapons and tools to help you overcome these obstacles. The game has many features, such as stunning graphics and sound effects that make it more attractive. It is also straightforward to play this game because anyone can do it without difficulty.

The game is an addictive puzzle game that will test your ability to solve puzzles, jump and run. The goal of this game is to jump on the platforms and avoid falling into the water.

You can control a black man to go up or down in this game. There are many different levels with different obstacles, so you need to be careful when playing.

The game has many stages, and each location has its unique characteristics. Blockman Go Mod Apk is a platformer puzzle game that requires patience and focuses from the player.

You will have to control a static block man, and your goal is to get him out of this dangerous situation by jumping over all the obstacles on your way and reaching the exit door without touching anything in this dangerous world!

This game has excellent graphics and animations, making it even more attractive for players who love playing games with high-quality graphics like this one!

The controls are straightforward but complicated to master because they require precision and do not touch any obstacle, so make sure that you follow the instructions carefully!

Blockman Go Mod Apk

What is Blockman Go Mod Apk?

Blockman Go is a perfect Minecraft mod apk for gamers who wish to enjoy the fun of Minecraft but are not in a position to purchase it. It is free, and you can download it from the official website or any other third-party website.

Blockman Go Mod Apk is the best way to play the game because it allows you to customize your character and make them look exactly like you want. You need to download the mod apk, install it on your Android device, log in with your Google account, and get started.

You will be able to create your very own unique character right away by using Blockman Go Mod Apk. This app will give you access to all the latest skins, blocks, maps, and many other features that were not available when the game was first released.

The most exciting thing about this mod is that you will not have to spend any money on it. You can download it from the official website or any other third-party website for free and play as much as you want without paying any money ever again.

If you think that playing this game would be boring, then think again because many new features have been added to this version of the game, which makes it even more exciting than

Blockman Go MOD APK is an exciting app for fans of Minecraft. This game will help you enjoy your favorite game with many different modes and new features. You can play online with other players or use single-mode to explore and experience new things alone!

The main goal of Blockman Go MOD APK is to create a solid castle to protect yourself and your property from monsters. The monsters in this game are powerful, so you need to build a strong castle for yourself and your team!

Blockman Go Mod Apk

What does Blockman Go Mod Apk do?

Blockman Go Mod Apk is a Minecraft-style sandbox game. Players here can choose to play in any mode they want without worrying too much about the rules. You need to find a way to relax and enjoy your time.

Blockman Go Mod Apk is a fun online multiplayer game that you can play with your friends anytime and anywhere.

The game supports many different modes: creative mode, survival mode, adventure mode, and spectator mode.

In creative mode, you have unlimited resources, and your only limitation is your imagination. Just build whatever you want and show it off to the world!

In survival mode, you will be dropped into an unknown world with nothing but a few essential items; craft weapons and armor to fend off hostile mobs, then build a shelter to survive the night!

In adventure mode, you will be challenged by other players or NPCs (non-player characters). This can range from simple puzzles such as finding hidden chests or activating switches up to complex quests where players must work together to complete them!

The main gameplay element of Blockman Go is building structures from blocks with which you can protect yourself from other players and enemies.

Since it’s multiplayer, you can invite friends to play together or just anyone on your server if they happen to be nearby. You can also create custom games where only invited people will join them!

You will also be able to play against NPC enemies in the single-player mode! The game features over 200 different blocks, including wood, stone, and metal, so there’s always something new waiting for you when playing this fantastic game on your phone or tablet.

Blockman Go Mod Apk


You can play various minigames

Blockman GO has many minigames developed based on the player’s interests and needs. The games cover various genres, including battle royale shooting games, battle games, snake games, running game, and 3D sports games. You can compete with the other players online or offline in the two-player mode. It will bring you a different experience.

Free skins and items

If you want to create your character rather than playing with a default one, Blockman Go will allow you to do so. You have to complete some missions, and then you can get free items for your character. These items include clothes, weapons, and many other cool things! Some minigames only let you play with a particular wardrobe, so keep an eye out for these special events!

Chat and send emotes

The social features of Blockman include chatting with friends and sending emotes. You can create private rooms to invite all your friends or even strangers if they have been added as “Friends.” There is also an option to join public spaces where random people play together in the same world.

Various Games

Various minigames that allow multiple players to play together and continuously update the games. Users can join the fun with a simple tap.


users can play minigames like Battle Royale, Bedwars, Survival Games, and Brick Race in this one game.


International chatting space for users worldwide; you can text and voice chat with other players around the world in different languages.

Virtual Products

You can shop for fashionable clothes, cute pets, stylish furniture, and excellent tools in our store.

Blockman Go Mod Apk

Pros of Blockman Go Mod Apk

  1. Free of charge, no in-app purchases, and no restrictions.
  2. Easy to use and intuitive interface; suitable for all ages and types of players alike because it is simple but at the same time challenging enough to be challenging to master.
  3. Provides a variety of challenges and fun levels that will keep you entertained for hours on end!


The cons of Blockman Go Mod Apk are that it does not have any level editor, and you cannot create new levels yourself. This also means that all classes are pre-set, and there is no way to change them according to your needs and requirements.

Download Blockman Go Mod APK for Android

Download Blockman Go Mod APK for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Follow our step by step guide to download and install Blockman Go mod apk:

Step 1: First, you need to download the apk file from “Apk-360.com” on your device. This third-party app will help you install the Blockman Go mod apk on your device manually. So Download the apk file from here.

Step 2: After downloading the iFile app, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources (check this option), Then tap on the OK button to enable this option. Otherwise, if you have already enabled the Unknown Sources option, then skip this step.

Step 3: Now open the apk file and go to the/System/App folder. There you will see several .apk files (application files).

How to download Blockman Go Mod Apk for PC?

To download and install Blockman Go Mod Apk for PC, you will need to get an Android emulator like BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2, or Nox App Player. You can also use Andy OS or Remix OS Player. The process is simple; follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Get an Android emulator; we recommend Bluestacks, Nox Player, or Remix OS Player.

Step 2. Once downloaded, open the emulator and sign in to Google Play Store using your Gmail account or create a new one if you don’t have one already.

Step 3. Search for ‘Blockman Go’ and download the mod version (the mod version is free).

Step 4. Once installed on your device, open the app and enjoy playing Blockman. Go offline!

Blockman Go Mod Apk


There are some other features available in the game, such as minigames. In this, you can play many games like PVP and PVE. When you play battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, you can have only one life, and it is over when you die.

But Blockman Go Mod Apk gives a new kind of experience. When you die in the game, you will get another chance to play again using the respawn feature.

Blockman Go Mod Apk supports more than 40 languages, and there are many chat emojis available in the game, making it easier to interact with your friends. You can earn coins by watching ads and purchasing skins for your character, which makes it look cool.

Blockman Go Mod Apk also features Battle Pass, where you can earn exclusive rewards for completing new challenges. Minigames are also very addictive. If you have played Minecraft before, you must know about these minigames.

If not, then let me tell you that there are many minigames present in the game, giving you some unique abilities such as flying and speed mode, etc.

The graphics of the game are pretty much good enough to attract gamers towards it, but if we talk about its performance, then sometimes lags occur during gameplay, but we

This is a block game. In the game, you can socialize with other players by joining the game, including playing minigames, voice chat, etc. Of course, you can also play a single adventure in addition to socialization.

The game has a variety of different modes for players to choose from. And there is no difference between the online and offline modes in the gameplay. You can build any building or object in the game with your imagination. In short, this is an entertaining sandbox mobile game.


Q. Is Blockman Go Mod Apk a free game?

The Blockman Go Mod Apk is a free gaming app available to download on almost all Android devices.

Q. What are the specifications required for running the Blockman Go Mod Apk?

You need to have an Android device that runs on at least Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and above to run the application.

Q. How safe is it to use the Blockman Go Mod Apk?

The application has been checked for viruses, and it has been found completely safe. Also, it does not contain any malware or malicious links that might harm your device or steal any information from the device.

Q. Do I need to pay any fee to use this app?

You don’t need to pay any money to download or use this game.