What is Bowmasters Mod Apk?

Bowmasters is a two-dimensional game of skill and reflexes in which two characters face each other in a duel where the winner is the one who manages to hit his opponent first.

The game has dozens of different characters, with which you can play turn by turn against other users. Our character has a bow, and our goal will be to hit the enemy before he hits us.

In addition, we can also use special attacks that will allow us to move away from our opponent or even attack him directly with an arrow. The special powers are beneficial because some enemies are challenging to hit

Bowmasters Mod Apk is one of the most popular games for Android devices. You can download it free here!

Bowmasters Mod Apk is a fun and exciting game made by Playgendary. The world is your target, and the bow is in your hands. Start shooting to get points and avoid the enemy; hit the mark with an arrow to get extra points.

The game has several levels of increasing complexity; on each level, you need to shoot at different targets and knock down several enemies.

Unlock new heroes and weapons, and upgrade them to make them more powerful. Play with friends or alone, and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Bowmasters Mod Apk is a multiplayer 2D shooting game where you have to defeat your opponent with the help of various weapons.

The weapons used in this game are multiple characters like a warrior, archer, knight, ninja, and many more. This game is very similar to “Worms,” where two players battle against each other.

Bowmasters Mod Apk


How to play Bowmasters Mod Apk?

Bowmasters is one of the best games out there. It has an excellent rating of 4.9 and is downloaded by millions of users. Bowmasters is an online game and needs an internet connection to play. While playing this game, you can spend hours without getting bored.

Bowmaster offers various exciting features for its users. You can choose from different characters, each with their skills and abilities. The more you go ahead in the game, the more characters will be unlocked for you to use.

There are many modes in which Bowmaster can be played. Single-player, multiplayer, campaign and survival modes are all fun to play with friends or yourself.

Are you searching for the best game to play? Then, here is the Bowmasters Mod Apk for you. This is a game that Miniclip.com offers with many new features and attractive gameplay. It also lets you play with your friends and foes through online mode.

This game has a lot of features in it. You can also upgrade the weapons, characters, and other elements in the game by following simple steps or spending real money. If you want to buy some new features in-game, you have to spend some real money on it.

But if you are not willing to spend any money on this game, you can download its mod version given below. You will get unlimited features like coins, gems, and health in this mod version of the game. So let us move ahead to know more about it.

The game’s goal is to shoot down your opponent by aiming at them with your bow and arrows while they are doing the same. You can choose from various weapons, including a bazooka and a machine gun, or even an anvil.

You can play against an AI bot in either single-player mode or battle against another person in two-player mode. There are many different levels to play, and each one is more challenging than the last.

Bowmasters Mod Apk


Free Download: This game is free for all users to enjoy easily without paying for it.


There are various weapons available in this game that the players can use to destroy the opponent. There are more than 50 types of unique weapons available for free in this game which is another excellent thing.

Earn points

In this game, users will earn coins and gems for every win or kill. These points are essential as they help us level up in this game and make some progress.

Levels and stages

There are more than 40 levels and settings available in this game through which we can go and play them one by one according to our choice. This is one of the best things about this amazing android game.

Multiplayer mode

As per this game’s official Google Play Store description, it is based on a multiplayer mode, and the players can play in two methods. In the first mode, you can play against your friends. You can also play with them and compete with each other. The second mode is the single-player mode. There are several levels to be completed in this mode.

Characters and stories

The number of characters and stories increases as you progress through the game. The characters are fascinating as they are very colorful and have funny expressions. They also have guns that can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

2D levels

The game takes place on 2D levels that you traverse from one side to the other. Your goal is to attack your opponent with arrows (or other objects), with each new level presenting a different scenario and situation. For example, one of the first levels is set in a prison cell where you have to hit a prisoner through a window.

Story mode

You’ll have to shoot down flies, rob banks, defeat pirates, or shoot arrows at your grandmother’s head on other levels. You’ll unlock new characters and scenarios as you progress through the story mode. There are more than 50 characters available in all, including superheroes like Batman and Superman and characters from movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Frozen… and even Donald Trump!

Bowmasters Mod Apk


Bowmasters Mod Apk has a lot of pros that make it attractive to users.

The first one is its simplicity. You don’t have to spend too much time learning how to play the game because it has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for everyone to use it.

The second thing about Bowmasters Download is its graphics and sound effects. They are outstanding, making you feel like playing an arcade game! Some people even say that Bowmasters Mod Apk is better than some other games with better graphics because there are too many details that can distract your attention from the primary goal of the game: shooting your enemies!

Another reason why Bowmasters Mod Apk is so popular among players is because it doesn’t require an Internet connection, but it still allows you to play with other people online! This means that if you want to play with your friends or family members who live far away from you, this game will allow them to join without any problem!


The moded version of this game is not available on Google play, but you can download free of cost on our website “Apk-360.com”.

Bowmasters Mod Apk

How to download and install Bowmasters Mod Apk for Android?

The Bowmasters Mod Apk is an exciting game because it offers a lot of different challenges that you need to overcome. This game has many levels, and each group has its challenges.

Step 1: So, if you want to play Bowmasters Mod Apk, then you must follow these steps:

Step 2: First, download the Bowmasters Mod Apk from our website “Apk-360.com“on your device or computer.

Step 3: After downloading it on your device or computer, open it using any file explorer like ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer, etc.,

Step 4: Now open the downloaded file and click on the “Install” button. If asked for permission, then accept it by clicking the “Yes” button,

Step 5:Finally, wait for a few minutes until the installation process completes successfully, then click on the “Open” button to enjoy playing this fantastic game on your device.

Download For PC

Step 1. First, Download and install the BlueStacks emulator on your laptop/PC.

Step 2. Launch the BlueStacks app player, and click on the ‘All Apps’ or ‘Apps’ tab to find the downloaded Bowmasters Mod Apk file stored on your PC.

Step 3. Double click on the file and select ‘Install’ to start installing the APK file on your Android emulator.

Step 4. After installation is complete, BlueStacks will automatically open Bowmasters Mod APK App Player for you to play it!

Bowmasters Mod Apk


Bowmasters is a game of skill and accuracy that requires the player to shoot the different types of a bird at the target to score points. The game offers over 50 birds and each with its weapons and abilities.

The game has a variety of levels, and the players can create their stories as well. Each class has a piece of unique background music, which helps in keeping the player entertained.

Bowmasters Mod Apk is available as a free download from various websites on the Internet, such as Google Play Store, Amazon Kindle, and others. It is also available for purchase through online stores such as eBay and others.

If you wish to download this application for free, it is suggested that you take advantage of a website offering free downloads to try out the application before purchasing it.

One of the essential features of this game is its multiplayer mode, which allows players worldwide to play it together with their friends or with other members of their family who have this application installed on their devices.

This feature makes it possible for players to play against each other in real-time, regardless of where they are located in the world.


Q. What is Bowmasters?

A. Bowmasters is a game created by Miniclip. It has been ranked no.1 in the U.S. App Store Games and has over 100 million players worldwide!

Q. Is Bowmasters Mod Apk safe to use?

A. Yes, it is 100% safe to use all files on our website. All files are 100% checked before being uploaded to the website. You can check the certificate issued by APK on their website as well.

Q. Will there be a virus in Bowmasters Mod Apk?

A. No, there are no viruses or any kinds of malware in the files of Bowmasters Mod Apk downloaded from our website. However, you should download the file only from trusted sources to ensure that you download an authentic file, as this is a mod file and not the original Bowmasters Apk file taken from “APK-360.com”.