Bubble Shooter

Introduction of Bubble Shooter Mod Apk:

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is a no-cost game for computers to play online. The game was created by Bubble Shot, a company that makes games for kids. Juice Bubble Shooter Apk is a puzzle action game that features a shooting action.

The primary character in this game is a tiny squirrel that is the game’s main protagonist. The background is very colorful, with exciting objects appearing on the screen.

It’s a puzzle game where players have to shoot bubbles from every side of the screen. The goal is to have the most balls fall through the holes below. The camera can be rotated to see it from various angles as well. It’s like playing an interactive puzzle game.

If any of your balloons contact Hoops, they will turn red and begin popping out. The goal here is to create as many balloons as possible without them popping out.

One of the essential characteristics of this bubble gun mod is that it gives you the option to select various types of guns.

The version that uses the bubble shooter PC comes with gun modes, including manual and automatic fire. Additionally, you can utilize the trigger to aim and press the trigger to shoot each bubble. Additionally, a save function lets you keep your progress before starting another level.

Bubble shooter mod apk

How to play Bubble Shooter Mod Apk?

The most significant advantage of this game is that it is easy to play and easy to understand; even a new player can quickly learn the rules and start playing.

The player’s task is to destroy all the colorful bubbles in the level by making them burst. This means that the player has to shoot so that the bubble hits at least three more balls with the same color.

Each new drop will appear at the top with a random color, giving players many options for color combinations.

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is designed with simple arcade gameplay that gives players a lot of fun, helping them relax after hours of stress or tiring workdays.

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is played by more than 500 million people worldwide. It is available in many languages, including German, Spanish, French and Russian.

The game can be played using single or multiple computers connected through a local area network (LAN) or via an internet connection.

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is to eliminate all bubbles from the board to win the game and move on to the next level.

The most important aspect of the game is that there are no limits as far as shots are concerned, which means you can keep shooting as long as you want and keep yourself engaged throughout the day!


The aim of this mod for a bubble shooter Apk Unlimited money is to eliminate the most balloons possible within one time. The game has four stages total.

In the initial level, you’ll meet the character Bubble Shooter. Bubble Shooter is an operator who leads a group of robots that have the adventure to defend the planet from robots trying to invade it.

You’ll get this bubble shooter hack introduction after you have completed the four lasers that finish the first stage. You’ll be completely wiped out and be left with only your PC’s bubble gun for defense.

The goal is the same, play like you’re in the fight and shoot the balloons that hit you. The only difference is that you’re not the only shooter in this PC game demonstration.


Among essential advantages are the indispensable control of a point and click. There aren’t any complicated buttons or interactive menus as in many other games available today. This simplicity gives this PC game program a distinct appeal.

It is easy to use control because of the lack of complexity. Additionally, you’ll also get helpful strategies that can help you master the basics of this PC game that shoots bubbles more effectively.

This bubble shooting Apk works well on the Windows and Android operating systems. There is no compatibility issue for those running the Windows operating system because it was developed to work with the OS that is best compatible with PCs.

However, you may encounter problems with your android system using this application if you don’t have the most recent version of the Android emulator installed on your computer. It is not a considerable risk since this bubble shooter Apk comes with the most recent android emulator and is fully compatible with your device.

There is a way to download the game for free from the internet, but it’s not the most current program version. There is a chance that it contains spyware or viruses that could cause significant problems for your PC.

Therefore, downloading the no-cost version of the PC game is an excellent alternative. If you don’t wish to wait around for an official launch of bubble shooter mod Apk download, you can choose the most current version of the flash arcade game to play it on your PC now. This is an excellent game updated and entertaining to play.

Bubble shooter mod apk

How to download and Install Bubble Shooter Mod Apk?

Do you want to download the Bubble Shooter Mod Apk to get the premium version? To Download Bubble Shooter Mod Apk, you need to follow the below steps and install it properly.

Step 1: First of all, Open your device’s browser and go to “Apk-360.com“.

Step 2: Search “Bubble Shooter Mod Apk” in the search engine, then click on the download button.

Step 3: After that, you’ll get a pop-up message. Tap on “Download”

Step 4: Once you click on “Download,” after 10-sec Download appears. This time tap on “Install.”

Step 5:Β Now, after the download is complete, the installation process will start.

Step 6: At last, you have successfully installed Bubble Shooter Mod Apk on your android device. Don’t forget to use it and enjoy the premium features for free!


Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is a modded version of the popular Bubble Shooter game. It adds several new levels, a new menu system, and a new interface to the original game. The best part about this mod is that it is entirely free.

The main menu in Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is straightforward to use. You have to click on the game icon and then choose between the different modes: Normal, Arcade, and High Score. The game also has an “Extras” section that allows you to download additional levels (also known as “bonuses”).

One of the most exciting features of Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is that it comes with a high score list. At the end of each level, you will see your score and your position on the leaderboards. The high score list is not only fun to look at, but it can also serve as motivation for playing more Bubble Shooter!

Bubble Shooter Mod Apk has many great features that make this mod worth downloading. You can get all of these features by simply downloading the mod from the Internet. You will never want to play without it again!


Q1. What is Bubble Shooter Mod Apk?

Ans: Bubble Shooter Mod Apk is a modified (hacked) version of the official Bubble Shooter game. You can enjoy all the modified features like unlimited lives, unlimited money, and many more for free.

Q2. Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% safe to use Bubble Shooter Mod Apk. As millions of users are using this mod apk, they have never faced any issue with this mod application.

Q3. Why should I use this Mod Apk instead of the official app?

Ans: As we have told you earlier that there are lots of modified features available in this modded application, and most important is you can use all these features for free, but in the official app, you have to pay real money to enjoy those premium features.