Extreme Landings Pro

Additional Information

Name Extreme Landings Pro Apk Mod
Publisher APK-360
Genre Simulation
Size 50M
Version 3.7.7
Developer RORTOS
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Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Update May 21, 2022
Price Free


Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk is an exciting game to play. This game has many features that you can enjoy. You can play this game in every moment of your spare time. This game will make you feel fresh and happy when you play it.

You may be interested in downloading Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk because this game is excellent entertainment for you.

You will be able to play this game with your friends or family members. You can also invite them to play this game together with you.

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk has many features that are very attractive and interesting for the players. The first feature is the graphics of the game, which are very attractive and exciting for everyone who plays this game.

The second feature is its sound effects, making the player feel comfortable when playing this game. The third feature is its soundtracks.

Which are very attractive for those who like music or want to listen to music while playing games on their mobile phones or tablets.

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk

How to play it?

Extreme Landings Pro is a free game that you can download on your mobile device. This game is developed by the studio of MeridianCodex, which has created some other games like the Extreme Landings, Extreme Landings 2 and many other games.

You will have to land your plane in extreme conditions in this game. There are many different types of airports from which you can choose.

There are also other types of aircraft that you can fly in this game, such as military jets or commercial planes.

This game has a straightforward interface, making it very easy for anyone to play it without any problem.

You will have to control your plane using your fingers and ensure that you don’t crash into anything. If you crash into something, there is no way to win this game at all!

There are various missions that you need to complete to unlock new levels in this game! You need to achieve each mission before moving on to another one! The more tasks that you complete successfully will unlock new levels for yourself!

Special Features

Landing Gear Control

It is easy to land the plane when you control the landing gear. You can increase or decrease the height of your equipment to make it easier for you to land on small spaces or reduce the speed.

Realistic Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are very natural, and they look like they were taken from real-life videos. While playing this game, you will experience heavy winds, thunderstorms, rain, snowfall, etc., making it even more challenging for you.

Various Planes

There are different planes available in this game, including military jets, commercial flights, private jets, etc. Each plane has its unique characteristics and strengths, so choose wisely before choosing one!

The game features two modes

normal mode and extreme mode. In the usual way, you can only perform one landing per day, while powerfully, you can attempt up to five times per day.

This makes it easier for players who want to learn how to land aircraft without worrying about repeatedly playing just to get one successful landing out of ten attempts!

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk

How to download and install it?

Do you want to download the Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk to get the premium version? To Download Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk, you need to follow the below steps and install it properly.

Step 1: First of all, Open your device’s browser and go to “Apk-360.com“.

Step 2: Search ” Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk ” in the search engine, then click on the download button.

Step 3: After that, you’ll get a pop-up message. Tap on “Download”

Step 4: Once you click on “Download,” after 10-sec Download appears. This time tap on “Install.”

Step 5: Now, after the download is complete, the installation process will start.

Step 6: At the end, you have successfully installed Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk on your android device. Don’t forget to use it and enjoy the premium features for free!

Download Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk For PC

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk is also available for PC and Mac. This article will show you how to download and install the Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk on Windows 10/8/7 computers.

Step 1: Go to the Blue stacks website download page and download the Bluestacks application player.

Step 2: Once installed, open the app player you have just downloaded & install the Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk file you have already downloaded from the above instructions step by step.

Then double click on the Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk icon to run it on the android emulator screen of the blue stack player.

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk

Download Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk for IOS

Many people can’t find how to download this app from App Store. Because it’s a paid app, you need to find the apk files on websites like youtube and many other sites.

And then install the Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk on your iPhone using a tool like Cydia Impactor. Here we provide the whole process step by step.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome or Safari browser on your computer, search Google and input Cydia Impactor.

Step 2: Search Cydia Impactor in the Google search box and click on the “Cydia Impactor” result.

Step 3: After that, open the Cydia Impactor website and input your Apple ID (Apple ID is used for signing purposes).

Step 4: Then connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. Please wait for some time and when it’s connected successfully, now input your Apple ID password here (same Apple ID as before).

Step 5: Once The Process Gets Successfully Completed,

  • Go To Settings
  • General (On iPhone/iPad) Or System Settings
  • Profile(On Android) And Trust This App By Selecting “Trust.”

Now Check “Installed Apps” On Your Device, And You Will See Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk Installed On Your Device.

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Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk


Q: How to Install Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk?

Download the modded apk from the given link below, and install it.

Q: What are the requirements for Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk?

Android 4.1 and up, 1GB RAM or more.

Q: How to Play Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk?

You can play it on Android Mobile or Tablet.


Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk is one of the most popular games in the Play Store. It has a lot of good reviews and customers who love this game. The reason why it has so many positive reviews is because of its exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics.

The game has a lot of levels, each one with its challenge and surprise. The first thing you need to do is fly your plane safely to land on the ground without crashing into anything or anyone.

It’s not easy to control an aeroplane, especially when you have no experience with flying planes. But don’t worry because there are some tips that you can use to become a pro at flying aeroplanes like Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk.

Extreme Landings Pro Mod Apk is one of the best games you can play on your Android device and enjoy hours of fun while challenging yourself with every level you clear!