Fap Ninja Premium Apk (MOD, Unlocked)

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NameFap Ninja Apk Mod
PublisherFap Corp
Size60 MB
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Mod InfoPremium Free
UpdateJun 23, 2022

General information

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is a free and unlimited game. The primary purpose of this game is to kill all the monsters in your way. It is also essential to collect gold coins as much as possible so that you can upgrade your weapons and get them stronger against enemies.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is your best choice if you love action games. This game has all the features that will make you addicted to it for hours.

You will have to kill all enemies using different weapons such as swords, axes, daggers, maces, etc., available on different levels. You can also upgrade your character by killing enemies and collecting their gold coins, which will help you in increasing your attack power and defence skills.

Downloading the Fap Ninja mod apk will give us unlimited money for buying new characters or equipment like swords, axes, daggers, etc., which we need for completing our missions successfully without any problem.

We can buy them from the shop using real money or using our hard-earned money from other players who spent lots of time playing this fantastic game. Still, they don’t have enough money, so they sell their stuff at low prices so that they can buy something else.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is a funny and exciting game that you can play in your free time. Noodlecake Studios Inc develops this game. The main feature of this game is to help you train your brain and increase your IQ level. The graphics of this game are excellent, and they will not disappoint you.

This is an exciting application for Android users to enjoy the best moments of their lives with friends or family members in the company of others.

You can find many games for Android that are compatible with all types of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices available on the market today.

This application provides many different options for players to choose from when playing games on their devices.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is one of the most popular games available in the “Apk-360.com”, which has been downloaded more than 25 million times by users worldwide since its launch in 2022. It’s not surprising because it has many excellent features and functions that make it easier for users to play this game without any problems or difficulties!

What is Fap Ninja Apk Mod?

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is an adult game for android. This is a very interesting and exciting game. In this game, you have to fight against the evil forces of evil ninjas and other creatures with your ninja hero. You have to fight against various enemies and kill them in the battle of life.

There are many different weapons available in this game, which can be used against various enemies. As you progress further into the game, more weapons will be unlocked, and you will get more experience points after each successful mission.

The graphics of this game are excellent, and it’s a high-quality game too. It looks like a real-life movie that has been created using high-quality graphics that are available only on expensive devices such as tablets or smartphones with high-end specifications.

Fap Ninja is a popular adult game that more than 10 million users have downloaded. It is an addictive game in which you have to fight against the enemies and save your princess. The game has been played by people worldwide, and it is available in different languages.

The gameplay of the Fap Ninja APK mod is straightforward, and you have to tap on the screen to attack. The main objective of this game is to save your girlfriend from the hands of evil lords who want to marry her by force.

You will also fight against them with your sword, bow, arrow, and other weapons available in this game. You need to overcome all obstacles and reach your princess safely at the end of each level to continue fighting against other lords again in the next level.

There are many exciting characters present in this game who help you save your girlfriend from evil lords and make it easy for you to move towards success.

You can also use different power-ups available in this game, such as bombs, arrows, etc., which will help you fight against enemies easily without any difficulty.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod


Fap Ninja Apk Mod is a fun android game that both kids and adults can play. The game was released on the Google Play Store on August 29, 2021, and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod developer is EnsenaSoft which has many other popular games such as the Dark Souls mod for Minecraft PE, Fortnite mod for Minecraft PE, and many others.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is an action game where you have to use your fingers to hack away at ninja enemies with your sword. You have to fight different levels of ninjas as they try to kill you.

You have to kill all ninjas on the screen before they kill you to win each level. If you can do this successfully, you will move on to the next level, where more difficult challenges await you.

Different weapons are available in Fap Ninja Apk Mod, such as swords, daggers, and other items that can help defeat your enemy more easily.

Special abilities also allow players to use specific skills such as freezing their enemies or healing themselves while fighting against other ninjas who want them dead!

Fap Ninja is a simple and fun game where you have to tap on the screen to eliminate the ninja. When you reach the end of each level, you will be able to see how many points you earned.

Different types of ninjas will appear on your screen. It would help if you got rid of these ninjas before they could attack you.

They come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, so making them disappear will not be accessible. When playing this game, you need to be very careful because your ninja will die soon enough if you do not pay attention.

The good thing about Fap Ninja Apk Mod is that it has no ads or in-app purchases, so it can be annoying when playing games online or offline with friends or family members.

The graphics used in this game are straightforward yet attractive enough for anyone to play this type of game for hours without getting bored quickly, as its gameplay is very addictive once someone starts playing it for the first time.

If you want something new and exciting, this would be one of the best choices, but make sure that before downloading it from Google Play Store.

How to play Fap Ninja Apk Mod?

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is an exciting game. This game is viral globally and is currently ranked in the top 10 most downloaded games on Google Play Store.

At the beginning of this game, you will be guided by a ninja who has been trained to fight with other ninjas. You have to use your smartness to kill all your enemies and win the fight.

In addition to that, if you want more points, you can also use the Fap Ninja hack tool from our website. This hack tool can add unlimited amounts of free coins for you so that you can buy any item in this game for free.

Fap Ninja is a top-rated game among users. It has simple yet addictive gameplay. You have to click on the screen to launch your ninja and make him run towards the enemy. The game is pretty simple and addictive at the same time.

The gameplay of Fap Ninja Apk Mod is pretty simple and addictive. You have to click on the screen to launch your ninja and make him run towards the enemy. This can be done by tapping on the screen at different places or by using your fingers on the screen.

The more you play this game, the better you become at it, and it becomes easy for you to master it completely.

There are many types of levels in Fap Ninja Apk Mod that you can play with ease, which includes; Classic Mode, Arcade Mode, and Zen Mode.

Classic Mode has 30 levels where you have to kill all of them before they kill you; Arcade Mode has 50 stages where there is no limit on how many times you can die, but as soon as you do then, it gets over; Zen Mode has one stage where no enemies appear, but there are still obstacles that need to be avoided by jumping over them.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod


Addictive Game

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is a fun and addictive game that will help you find out how much time you spend on your phone. This app has been designed to help you control your phone addiction and better balance your work and personal life.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is an exciting game that requires you to tap the screen as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles. In this way, you can earn points, unlock achievements, and compete against other players worldwide. The more points you earn, the higher rank you will get on the leaderboard.

The main goal of Fap Ninja Apk Mod is not just to tap faster than anyone else; it is also about having fun while doing it! Many different characters are available for purchase with different abilities, such as unlocking new skins or getting extra coins for free!

Unlimited Money

Hack Ninja Saga is the best hack tool to generate unlimited gold and diamonds. You can use this hack tool without any risk or worry; that’s why our developers created this tool. This hack tool is entirely free and easy to use; it doesn’t require root or jailbreak to work. So if you want to enjoy unlimited free gold and diamonds, you must download this hack tool from our website.

Play with friends in real-time

Play with your friends or random opponents. If you have a friend in the game, you can invite him to a private match. If you are not playing with friends, your opponent will be selected at random from players worldwide. You can play as many times as you want and as long as you want. It’s free!

Limit your daily porn viewing time

Fap Ninja App comes with an advanced feature that allows you to set a daily limit. This way, you will not binge-watch your favourite videos for hours together, and instead, you can have some self-control over yourself and make sure that you do not spend more than 2 hours watching porn every day.

Tracking system

This application has a tracking system that records all your activities and makes sure that you do not exceed your daily limits. You can check out how many minutes/hours of porn viewing you have done on a particular day to know whether or not you are spending too much time watching these videos!

Unlimited Coins/Trophies/Coins

Fap Ninja Apk Mod is available now, and you can download it from this site. You can also download the latest version of the game from here. If you have any problems downloading or installing, leave a comment below or contact us by email. We will help you at any time during the day or night. The game is entirely free to play, but there are some purchases in-game that can be made using real money.

Fap Ninja Apk Mod


Consumers who have downloaded this game say they enjoy playing it because it offers unlimited fun when they are bored at home or work.

They do not have anything else to do other than just sitting around doing nothing in particular except waiting for something interesting to come along so that they can enjoy theirs.

It has many features that you can use while playing this game. Some of them are:

  1. You can choose your favourite character from many different options
  2. There are many types of weapons that you can use for fighting against your enemy
  3. It has a lot of levels which makes it more interesting to play.
  4. With this mod, players do not need any money at all because they will get unlimited gems when they play this game online or offline! To get these gems, just follow our steps carefully and start playing today!


The main problem with this application is that there are no official apps available for mobile devices; only PC versions exist now. In addition, there are no subtitles available for many videos on this website, so users cannot watch videos with subtitles easily.

How to download and install it?

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to our website “Apk-360.com” and download this mod version of the app. Then, you need to open the downloaded file and extract it into a folder on your computer. Now copy the extracted folder into your SD card or internal storage.

Step 2: Once done with copying, go back to the main menu to see all installed apps in the Android phone’s settings section. There should be an option named “Downloads.” If not, then go to Settings>>Apps→Downloads & App Management>>Show All Apps (In-App-Purchases)” then look for it there as well if not found earlier in the first step listed above).

Step 3: Then click on the “Fap Ninja” icon present at the bottom of the screen, then click on the “Permissions” button present next to the Open button near the top right corner at the bottom right side of the screen.


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Fap Ninja Apk Mod


Q: Does this mod have a virus?

The answer is No; this mod is entirely safe to download and install.

Q: What do I need to do after downloading the Fap Ninja Apk Mod?

You need to follow the instructions provided in the installation guide. No extra steps are required, as you can see from our tutorial video below.

Q: How do I uninstall this app?

If you want to remove this app from your device, you can quickly go into Settings > Apps > Find Fap Ninja> Uninstall it.


Fap Ninja Apk Mod is a game that will make you have fun while you are learning. This is a very challenging game that requires you to be alert and focused. The game is designed so that it will make you addicted to it.

It is not just a simple game; it has several features that differentiate it from other games. It has many levels that are very interesting and challenging. You can also play this game with your friends or family members and people who are not your friends but have similar interests in this game.

The Fap Ninja Apk Mod is one of the most popular games available on the Google Play Store. It was created by Miniclip, which has been in operation for many years now and has provided quality services for its customers for over 15 years.

This game is about ninjas who are doing their best to complete their mission by killing all opponents in front of them before they kill them first!

If you love playing games like Clash of Clans or any other strategy-based games, this one is definitely for you! The graphics are amazing, the music is excellent, and the gameplay is addictive!

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