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Name Instander Mod Apk
Publisher APK-360
Genre Social
Size 50.8 MB
Version 9.2
Developer TheDise
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Mod Info For Android
Update May 31, 2022
Price Free

Instander Apk Mod – Download Instapro Apk for Android

Instander Apk Mod is an excellent alternative to other third-party apps like Instagram++. With Instander Apk Mod, you can view all photos and videos from your favorite Instagram accounts without any restrictions. This allows you to view the content and download it in high quality for offline viewing later on.

Instander also provides many valuable features such as copying bio, copying comments, and copying the description of IG accounts that you like.

With Instander Mod APK installed on your device, you will be able to access the latest features previously unavailable for regular users.

The Instander APK Mod is an application that allows users to post photos or videos on their newsfeeds, just like how Instagram does.

Still, this app has some additional functionalities that you can’t find on Instagram, such as posting videos longer than 60 seconds and unlimited tagging for friends so long as you have them connected to your device’s address book.

It also has a feature called “story feed,” which allows you to view stories from people close to your heart or even strangers worldwide.

What is Instander APK Mod?

The Instander APK Mod is an application that has been developed for Android devices to help Instagram users get access to extra helpful features that can help solve the above issues.

This application allows you to access your Instagram account through its platform as an alternative to the basic IG application. You get to have the ultimate social experience through its unique features unlocked from the official app.

The Instander ApK Mod is a third-party application developed by a team of developers who wanted to help Instagram users access extra helpful features that can help solve some issues with the official Instagram application. The app provides many features such as unfollowers, ghosting, etc.

Instander apk mod is an unofficial Instagram client that allows you to connect with all your Instagram friends and share photos and videos from your Android device. With Instander, you can also explore hashtags, follow users, view profiles, and more.

Instander Apk Mod

What does Instander APK Mod do?

Instander Apk Mod helps you create your social network and share your photos with your friends. You can also upload videos and edit them using filters as Instagram has.

This app also has more features like setting privacy on posts, and stories, blocking users, sharing posts with people who follow you, etc.

Still, these features are available in the free version only, so if you want to use all these features. Then you have to buy the pro version of this app from the play store or other sites where it is available for download with the modded version as well as a premium version which will cost around $3-$5 depending upon where you buy it from. Still, we suggest that you don’t believe it because you don’t need to be paid.

Features of Instander Apk Mod

Instander Apk Mod can be described as an Instamod, which can do all Instagram functions, and offers similar features. It was designed to give users a range of additional features that users were longing for but couldn’t get through the original app. these include:

Save story

If you do not have sufficient storage on your phone to save and download several videos and images, You can switch this feature on, and it will save videos and photos to your archives, meaning you don’t have to look at them on your smartphone.

In addition, you’ll be able to protect yourself from privacy issues because it’s only you who can access your account using the password; anyone else isn’t able to gain access to these images stored on the device.

Save live for archive: Your live video clips can be archived for 30 days. During that time, only you will be able to view them.


I’m not opposed to my readers, including my feed posts and IGTV video clips to their posts. However, this does not apply to all of my content and is why I am awed by this excellent feature from Instander APK Mod. The same applies to posting videos and photos from your feed as messages since you can switch this feature off and on.

You can also automatically share images and videos from your story on the Story on Facebook and then share the content with your friends on the platform.

Free Download pictures and video

I’m a massive fan of hilarious vines, and Instagram is among my primary sources for these online videos. My desires for memes and vines are typically satisfied, but the satisfaction is never long-lasting when I try downloading these hilarious videos and photos to my phone.

The third-party downloaders offer a few advantages, but they can come with a price when they start displaying ads regularly and growing to the size of your phone.

Utilizing the Instander apk mod that isn’t on the internet allows you to download pictures and videos and save them to your device.

It can also be deleted from the installed application initially and save space while using it as your primary platform to access your IG account. Explore the network. When you find something that you like, you can easily download that file onto your phone simply by clicking the download icon under the file you want to download.

Instander Apk Mod

Friend List

Sometimes, I’d instead share my stories or posts with the world, but only a select few, likely because the posts may contain an inside joke only they can understand and find hilarious.

This is the reason I have, and you might have many more. But, with the Instander app, you can build your list of your closest friends that aren’t on your followers’ list and decide to tell them your story all on your own.

You can alter the settings by removing or adding people from this list as you’d like. They aren’t notified either in any way. The videos and photos you share with the people in this list may also be labeled with a unique identifier that differentiates them from standard shared files.

Those you share your files with can know that you’re sharing your files with friends who are close to you but will not have an access point to this list since only you have access to it at any time you want.

Hide Stories from list

To ensure privacy and prevent unwelcome snoopers, I prefer to conceal my content from those I do not think will handle the content I post.

The app Instander allows users to hide all photos and videos you’d want to share in your stories from individuals of your choice, including live videos. You can now post whatever content you wish compatible with the app’s terms and conditions. You can have fun creating your content and let those selected watch the videos.

Message Reply

There are those people who always seem to be ‘hating and waiting to comment on every message to provide you with their unpopular opinion in their responses. At least I’m aware of this problem and possibly some others.

When using the standard Instagram platform, there’s no way to deflect negativity as they appear high up on the page. Using the app Instander instead makes it possible to select to allow messages and responses to anyone you can see or completely block replies.

Ghost Mode

If you’re hoping to be slightly mysterious to your followers, or even the people whom you follow, There are a few settings that you can modify in the “Ghost Mode” feature.

This feature lets you disable typing status, preventing people you’re texting with the app from knowing that you’re typing. This is useful when sending dangerous texts if you know what I’m talking about.

Also, suppose you’re the kind of person who enjoys being somewhat mysterious in people’s stories by concealing your identity as an observer.

In that case, the Instander is the right choice for those you. You can choose to hide your identity as a user from other the stories of others and not be aware that you’ve watched the story even if it’s intended for you.

No Ads

When you go through the Instagram feed, you’re likely to see ads sponsored by advertisers that you cannot eliminate from your feed. They can be images or video advertisements that consume data the same way as regular videos when played and watched.

If you download the Instander application for the Android device, you’ll get an ad-free platform that allows users to only view the critical content on your feed by itself. Advertisements can be turned off under the privacy settings.

Search Content

The fun doesn’t stop there; as with IGTV, you can find famous and popular videos through the channel. Follow your favorite celebrities through the app and view their most exciting videos here.

Alongside those IGTV videos, you will find many other types of content in the search tab, including DIY videos and travel content, food videos and images, art and Styles, and television & movies, among others. There’s plenty to explore and discover some things they’ve never considered possible.

Analytics Reports

If you enable privacy again, users can turn off analytics, which prevents data collected through your app activity from being analyzed. You may also choose to turn it on when you want to create a more personalized experience for you by allowing the app to examine your activities.

You can also choose to report crashes every time the app crashes to ensure that developers can work to improve the service or fix a particular bug that could cause numerous cracks.

Instander Apk Mod

Improvement of Quality

In this Instander Apk Mod feature, you can enhance the quality of various Instagram documents, including:

  • IGTV quality
  • Photo Quality
  • Reels Quality
  • Stories’ Quality

Because Instagram is known for compressing images by the width of the screen, the quality of the images is prone to decrease.


If you enable the ‘Photos with max quality’ feature, the restriction is typically removed, allowing users to view photos in a high-quality resolution and original resolution. Upload your pictures and stories with better-quality images than Instagram’s first Instagram application.


Various other features aren’t crucial because the minor aspects matter. Features such as full-screen stories, which allow you to see Instagram stories in full-screen dimensions, benefit many users.

Other features include an in-app search engine enabling you to browse hyperlinks directly, auto-playing videos that can be turned off to save data and recommended friends, hiding posts that you like, and cutting stories. The above options can be turned off or enabled according to the user’s needs.

Donate to get verified

This isn’t talking about the actual Instagram Verification badge. If you use the app and you like it, You could choose to contribute some money to the developer in appreciation or support the cause. If you do, you’ll be verified as an Instander Apk Mod fan.

Your badge will only be shown to other users of Instapro apk. It’s pretty simple for you to give your money to Instander Apk Mod in a way suitable for you, leave a comment using your username, and send a transaction image along with your username through the email provided.

Discover people

Your soulmate may be on your list of contacts and waiting on you to DM them. You can find people by following those in your contact list with an active Instagram account. You can also learn how they live their lives via their photos.

Smarts Gestures

They might not be like they are as vital as they sound; however, these small things as gestures can turn out to be an essential component that helps differentiate different platforms from one another.

With the application Instander apk mod, you can move your finger left and right across pages. Additionally, you can zoom in on photos by long-tapping and even like photos by double-tapping the image. They can also be turned off if one wants to disable them.

How to download and install Instander Apk Mod?

Do you want to download the premium version of the instander apk mod? Then to download the Pro version of instander, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your chrome browser or any other open “Apk-360.com,” and type in the search bar “Instander Apk Mod.”

Step 2: After opening this, click the download button, and a new tab will be open wait only 5 sec.

Step 3: After waiting 5 seconds, click the “link” button and again wait only the last 5 seconds.

Step 4: A download button will appear again, and click it, and your download will start.

Step 5: After completing the download, open your download folder in your device file manager.

Step 6: Click the Instapro Apk file and install and enjoy it.

Instander Apk Mod

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As fun and thrilling as an app can get, it is limited in capabilities that prevent users from enjoying the most effective experience online. However, mods such as the Instander APK Mod will make your IG experience unforgettable. Install the app now and create unique content with one of the most popular social media features accessible on the internet.