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What is ludo King Mod Apk?

The Ludo King Mod Apk is an offline game developed by Playdots. The game is based on the traditional Indian board game Ludo.

Ludo King Mod APK is a multiplayer game where two players can play against each other. It has more than 500 million downloads, and it is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store.

The gameplay of this ludo king mod apk game is similar to that of the original version but with some twists and turns.

You will have to roll dice and move your tokens according to the number shown on the dice in a single turn. If you land on an opponent’s token, you will have to capture it by moving it back to your side of the board.

You can also customize your character by choosing from different sets of clothing items, such as shirts, pants, hats, etc., and select from many different colors for each item so that it looks unique from others.

The only thing that needs improvement is that there are not enough characters available compared to other games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile, where users can create their characters with different hairstyles, clothes, accessories, etc. But overall, this ludo king mod apk game is amazing with excellent graphics.

The game is played on a board that consists of four rows and four columns. The players have to roll dice and move their pieces based on the number.

If a player lands on an opponent’s piece, they will have to go back to their previous spot or start again from square one at the beginning of their turn.

The winner is decided when all players reach home or when one player has no moves left in front of them (and therefore cannot win).

Ludo King is an online multiplayer game that allows players to play against each other in real-time. It’s a simple board game that has been around for ages and is very popular with kids.

The game’s objective is to move all your pieces (in this case, tokens) from start to finish without getting knocked out by an opponent’s piece or falling into a trap laid by them (which sometimes happens!).

Ludo King Mod Apk

General Information

Ludo King is a board game played by two or four players. It is one of the most popular board games in India and Pakistan. The rules of this game are very simple, and you can easily learn them in a few minutes.

Ludo king mod apk can be downloaded from our website for free, and it contains unlimited gems and coins.

You can also add your opponent to play with them through Bluetooth or wifi connection. The graphics of the ludo king mod apk are very good, and it has great sound effects.

The gameplay of the ludo king mod apk is based on getting all your four tokens around the board before your opponent does so. You have to roll the dice and move forward according to the number you get on it.

If you land on a space where there is already someone standing, you will have to go back to where you started instead of moving further ahead on that turn.

You will win this game if all four tokens of yours reach home at the same time before any other player does so in their turn. This game can also be played online against real people using smartphones or tablets like yourself!

Ludo King is a board game that has been played for years. It is a simple game that involves moving the ludo pieces around the board and making your opponent’s pieces land on them. The game contains different colored dice rolled and forces the players to other squares.

This particular version of Ludo King has been developed by Baidu Inc., one of China’s largest internet companies. They have more than 100 million users, making them one of China’s most popular websites.

This game aims to get all your pieces home before your opponent does. Each player starts with six parts. Which they must move around the board until they reach home or if their opponent rolls a six on their turn, which will cause them to lose their turns until they roll another six or you roll a six yourself.

Once you have gotten all your pieces home, you can start sending them back out again, but only if there are still empty spaces available. If not, you will have to wait until another turn comes around before sending them back out again.

Ludo King Mod Apk

How does Ludo king mod apk Work?

Ludo King is a simple game for four players. The game has been around for decades, but it’s still popular in some countries because it’s easy to play.

You can find the game in many different forms, including the original and more modern versions. The original version requires six dice, four tokens, and a board with thirty-six holes. The current versions use cards instead of dice, but they still use tokens and boards with thirty-six holes.

This modded version of Ludo King has all the features you could ask for in a mobile app version of the classic game:

Online multiplayer – Play against with other player.

One player mode – Play against yourself or try to beat your high score!

Four-player mode – Play with friends using Bluetooth or wifi!

Ludo king mod apk is one of the best games available on the market. This is a very addictive game, which can be played by both children and adults alike. The game is based on the traditional ludo board game. The competition aims to finish all your moves before your opponent does.

Many different rules can be applied to this game, but it involves two players who take turns moving their pieces around the board until one player has reached their home base.

If you have played this game before then, you will know what I am talking about, but if you haven’t, then let me explain further…

The Ludo King Mod Apk allows you to play with up to four other people at once (depending on how much space you have). So if you want to play against your friends or family members, this is worth considering!

The graphics are quite good, and they are simple enough so that anyone can understand them without any problem whatsoever!

Ludo king mod apk is a ludo game with a multiplayer option. There are many versions of this game, and the latest one is the ludo king mod apk.

This game is also known as Parchis or Parcheesi. The players have to move their pieces around the board, following the directions given by the dice. This is a simple yet entertaining game that people of all ages can play.

The objective of this game is to get your pawns home first without getting them blocked by other players’ pawns or landing on “safe” squares occupied by another player. If you land on a safe square occupied by another player, you will have to go back to the start again.

You need to roll higher than your opponent in each round and get more points than them while keeping your pawns away from danger spots to win this game.

The rules of this game are quite simple, as mentioned above, and anyone who has ever played any board games before can play this one easily, too, since it doesn’t require much thinking skills or strategy whatsoever!

Ludo King Mod Apk


Unlimited coins

Unlimited coins are one of the most important resources in this game because they allow you to buy new characters and items that help you progress through each level more easily. However, if you want an easier time playing this game, then all you need to do is download our ludo king mod apk file, which comes

Unlimited gems

The second feature of this ludo king mod apk version is that it gives unlimited gems to the player, which can be used to buy new characters in the game or upgrade those already purchased by you.

Ads removed

One of the most annoying things about ludo king was that ads were popping up now and then during gameplay, but with this mod version, you don’t have to worry about any such thing happening because all ads from this app have been removed completely from it so now you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience without any interruptions whatsoever!

No Root Required

You do not need to root your device to install this mod apk because we have added all the required files, which will work on any device without rooting it.

It is safe and secure

You don’t need to give your personal information to the website owners to download the ludo king mod apk. This means that your data will be safe and secure, and no one will get access to it by any means.

No need for registration or sign-up

You do not have to register with the website or sign up for anything to download the ludo king mod apk from here since it is completely free and easy-to-use software.

Ludo King Mod Apk


  1. There are no ads in this mod version, so you do not have to spend extra money purchasing coins. You can also get unlimited lives and coins for free.
  2. You can play with your friends or family members far away from you. This will make it easier for you to bond with them, especially if they live abroad.
  3. If your internet connection goes down, there won’t be any problems because it doesn’t need an internet connection at all! You can play it anywhere!


If you don’t have enough time to spare, this may not be ideal for you because it takes up a lot of time to play the game! Especially if you’re playing against someone who wants to beat you at every turn!

Ludo King Mod Apk

How to download and install it for Android?

First of all, download Ludo King Mod APK from here or from our site (Apk-360.com). Download the file on your computer (if you are a computer user) and transfer it to your mobile phone using a USB cable or an OTG cable (if your phone supports OTG).

Now open your file manager on the mobile phone and find the downloaded file. Tap on it to start installing it on your device. If there is an error message saying “Unknown Sources” when trying to install apps from outside Google Play Store, then open Settings> Security & Privacy > Unknown Sources (checkmark) and tap the OK button to enable this feature. Now repeat step 2 until you see the “Install App” message appear on your screen. After installation, complete and enjoy it.

Download for PC

Step 1. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from “Apk-360.com“.

Step 2. Install the emulator on your PC or Mac by following the instructions given in the download section of this article.

Step 3. Once you have installed the emulator, launch it and search for Ludo King using the I’m Feeling Lucky button on the Bluestacks homepage.

Step 4. You will then be able to see a list of apps related to the Ludo King game, which includes both official and third-party apps like Ludo King Mods, Unofficial Ludo King Apk, etc., so download anyone according to your choice of gaming experience on your PC/Mac device without paying a penny!

Ludo King Mod Apk


Ludo King is a very popular game in India, and many people have played this game. But, now the developer of this game has come up with a new version called Ludo King Mod Apk. This is the latest version of Ludo King, launched by the developers for Android users. You can get this game free from here on this website with all its features unlocked. The best thing about this game is that it does not need any internet connection to play, as it works offline as well. So if you are looking for some good games to play on your android device, you have landed at the right place!


Q: Is this game safe to download?

Yes, it is 100% safe to download and install the ludo king mod apk on your android device. Since it’s an unofficial version of the game, there are no viruses or malware. The app is free from any malicious code or harmful content. It is also updated regularly to keep up with the latest features and bug fixes.

Q: How much space does it take up on my phone?

The size of the ludo king mod apk will vary depending on your device and its specifications, but in general, it takes up about 50 MB of space on your device, which is not so much considering how much fun this game offers; for free!

Q: Is there any way to play Ludo King online?

A: Yes, many apps and websites offer online services for playing Ludo online. One such app is the Ludo King APK.

Q: Can I get banned if I use this app?

A: No, you will not get banned because this app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking for android devices.