Manuganu 2 MOD APK

What is Manuganu 2 Mod Apk?

Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is a puzzle game that has already attracted many players worldwide. You will have to fight against wild animals, and you will have to survive in the jungle. It is not easy, but it is fascinating, especially if you are a fan of adventures.

The gameplay is pretty simple, which makes this game so attractive for players of different ages. The number of levels available in Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is 150, and this means that you will have plenty of fun in the jungle!

The storyline of Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is also quite interesting you will meet many friends there, whom you will help.

The graphics are great, and you will feel like you are really in the jungle. If you want to get more money or strength, use our Manuganu 2 Mod Apk! It can be downloaded for free right now – download it and enjoy!

Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is a game developed by Rino Games, and it has been rated as the best arcade game in the year 2016.

This game was initially released on the Google Play Store on May 20th, 2016. This game is not available on the Apple App Store.

The main objective of this game is to fight with the enemies and collect as many treasures as possible. This game includes different modes, such as campaign and survival mode, which will keep you engaged for hours.

In this game, you need to avoid all the dangers that can hinder you from collecting more treasures, such as falling through broken bridges, spikes, fireballs being shot at you by enemies, etc.

It would help if you also were cautious about the baddies like bats, spiders, frogs, and other animals running around your way so that your health bar doesn’t get depleted too soon.

The main thing about this android game is its graphics, through which the developers have tried their level best to give the players a real-world experience while playing it on their android devices.

The sound effects used in this android game are excellent, and they perfectly match every action performed by the player.


How to play Manuganu 2 Mod Apk?

Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is a puzzle game that up to 4 people can play. It is an entertaining and enjoyable game where you need to help the main character, Manuganu, defeat all the enemies at each level. You will have to do this with the help of your friends because it is a multiplayer game.

The goal at each level is to find the key and collect as many coins as possible by breaking boxes. When all packages are broken, you will proceed to the next level.

To break boxes, you need to use bombs that you can purchase with coins. Bombs come in different shapes and sizes with various effects. Sometimes they are even used to defeat enemies.

There are also different types of enemies at each level. Some of them are stationary, while others move around randomly.

Some enemies can even fire at you and make your life more difficult when collecting coins or reaching the key. The more you progress in the game, the more difficult it gets, and there are also particular types of enemies that can teleport or become invincible for some time.

Tasks: You need to go through the maze and get to the end of it. For this, you need to create a safe path. To do this, you need to throw the ball at a wall and make it bounce back to you. But this is not so easy, as many obstacles prevent you from making a safe path.

If you like puzzles, then this game will please you. It has a lot of levels, each of which is more complicated than the previous one.

The graphics in the game is gorgeous and bright. There are many different kinds of balls that help you cope with various problems.

Try your hand at solving puzzles with other balls! Try to hit different walls and make a path that will take you to the goal!

Features Of Manuganu 2 Mod Apk:

Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is a sequel to the game’s first installment. The game was released for android users in 2016, and now it is available for all android users. Andy Nguyen develops the game, and it is available on PlayStore for free download.

Manuganu 2 MOD APK has all the features you need to play the game. The game’s graphics are unique, and it will provide an excellent gaming experience to its players. The features of Manuganu 2 MOD APK are mentioned below:

  1. Control the ball carefully and make a perfect shot.
  2. Ride a skateboard and enjoy the feeling of skating down the hills.
  3. Collect all eggs in each level to unlock new levels in the game.
  4. Unlock new skateboards, balls, characters, and more items as you progress through levels.
  5. Aim carefully to collect all stars at each level.
  6. Collect coins on your way while playing levels to improve your score.
  7. More than 100 challenging levels are available in the game.
  8. Enjoy hours of fun with this exciting football game!
  9. Many different enemies and bosses, each more powerful than the previous one, so everything will be more complicated.
  10. The level-up system, where you have to train to get more powerful.
  11. Stages are generated randomly (the enemies, money, and items) for a never-ending game experience.
  12. Multiplayer mode that you can play with other people from all over the world (4 players max).
  13. In-game shop where you can buy upgrades for your character and equipment.
  14. Gameplay inspired by retro games like Super Mario Bros, so it’s very intuitive and straightforward to understand but challenging to master.


How to download and Install Manuganu 2 Mod Apk?

Do you want to download the Manuganu 2 Mod Apk to get the premium version? To Download Manuganu 2 Mod Apk, you need to follow the below steps and install it properly.

Step 1: First of all, Open your device’s browser and go to ““.

Step 2: Search ” Manuganu 2 Mod Apk ” in the search engine, click on the download button.

Step 3: After that, you’ll get a pop-up message. Tap on “Download”

Step 4: Once you click on “Download,” after 10-sec Download appears. This time tap on “Install.”

Step 5: After the download is complete, the installation process will start.

Step 6: At last, you have successfully installed Manuganu 2 Mod Apk on your android device. Don’t forget to use it and enjoy the premium features for free!


Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is the newest installment of the Manuganu game. This installment was developed by Riel Games Studio and published by Riel Mobile.

The installment was released on January 05th, 2016. As its previous version, this one also offers you to play as a Ninja who needs to save the world from evil forces.

As its previous version, this one offers you to play as a ninja who needs to save the world from evil forces.

You will get a chance to use some new weapons and powers in the installment that will make your journey even more exciting. You can use different weapons such as ninja swords, shurikens, or katana while fighting with enemies in the game.

As its previous version, this one offers you to play as a ninja who needs to save the world from evil forces.

You will get a chance to use some new weapons and powers in the installment that will make your journey even more exciting. You can use different weapons such as ninja swords, shurikens, or katana while fighting with enemies in the game.


Q: What is Manuganu 2 Mod Apk?

A: Manuganu 2 Mod Apk is a free online game that you can play on the web or your mobile. The best thing about this game is that it doesn’t require any installation, so you can start playing with it right away by visiting this site.

Q: How do I control the game?

A: To control the game, you need to use your mouse and follow the instructions in the upper corner of your screen. There are many levels in this game, which are organized into different rounds. Each round has its color, which indicates what types of icons you should be used to win that round. It’s up to you to make sure you know how each competition works and which icons to use to win big cash prizes! 

Q: Why can’t I log in as a guest?

To benefit from the Manuganu 2 Mod Apk, please sign up as a member from the login screen. The game’s website doesn’t support guest access at this time.

The game will check for an existing user account when you launch it, and if you don’t have one, you are redirected to the login screen.

Q: My device is not supported?

We’re sorry that your device is not supported on Manuganu 2 Mod Apk’s mobile version. We will try to upgrade the game version to support all devices in future updates. You can still play on PC, but we do not endorse any other devices at this moment.

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