PUBG MOBILE MOD APK v2.0.0 (Unlimited UC, Unlimited Money, Hack, AimBot)

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Name PUBG Mobile Hack Apk
Publisher Apk-360
Genre Action
Size 80 MB/606 MB
Version v2.0.0
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Mod Info Unlimited Money + MOD
Price Free
Update Sep 28, 2022

Get the PUBG Mobile Hack Download App to Unlock Heavy Weapons

That’s where our PUBG Mobile Hack Download comes in. This tool will give you unlimited free access to all premium weapons, including submachine guns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers, regardless of whether or not you paid for them through in-app purchases. The online hack supports Android and iOS platforms, and it’s easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions. Install the app on your device, start the generator, connect your mobile phone to your PC with a USB cable and hit the Start button to get instant access to all weapons.



Battlegrounds Mobile India (MOD),

Clash of Clans MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Pubg hack apk is an application which is played by millions of players around the world. With these applications, you can get a lot of different kinds of features and rewards for your accounts. This helps players use them in their battle against other players worldwide without any difficulty. If you want more insights about pubg mobile hack download apk, continue reading. Methods: To become successful with pubg hack apk, you must learn how they work.

The best way to do that is to download one on your phone or computer and try it out. Many different versions are available online, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that works well for you. They usually have user manuals that explain everything available to them, so don’t worry about not knowing what things do or how they work.


To get your hands on heavy weapons in PUBG mobile hack download games, you must first use pubg hack apk. There are some premium features of in-game currency which can be purchased by using real money. The players can get it for free when they use the pubg hack app. It is different from apk mod because no login or sign-up is required. Also, all functions are unlocked immediately after downloading and installing.

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How to use it?

With the PUBG mobile hack download apk, you can unlock heavy weapons, including a sniper rifle, RPG and others, without spending in-game currency. Download and install it on your smartphone. Then open it and start hacking by entering a few pieces of information such as player name, profile level, game level and country.

The hacking process depends on server load status, evident from the available options shown (None/Slow/Fast). Once completed, select the premium benefits that you want. Now use an aimbot tool to eliminate all enemies, even if they hide behind obstacles or walls! It also works offline, making it perfect for private games with friends. Note that whenever you need better weapons, update your app for free download of new ones!

Why should you play?

New PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players might not know that there is an auto-aim hack for it. There are also many other hacks, like unlimited ammo and fast fire rates. If you would instead not use an aimbot to get kills, you can always use our unlimited money hack or unlock premium weapons for free with our premium unlocker mod. And if you want cheats for pubg mobile hack download, we have that too!

The best thing about our premium pubg mobile hack download is that it’s free; you only need to download a mod apk from us and install it. To ensure it works, enter your username in the description box when installing, just in case we block bots using illegal tool user accounts.

PUBG mobile hack download

Some Premium Features

Here is some of PUBG mobile hack download Premium features:

Single and multiplayer mode

Pubg mobile hack download is handy for both single and multiplayer modes. The players can play different games as well as features in that app. One can enjoy playing alone or with friends on the same device by sharing a Wifi network. The more people participate in a game, the more interesting it becomes. In addition to all these, the player can access premium resources such as guns, bullets, and other items with unlimited money hack apk. These things make a good game experience while using the pubg modding apps online.


Pistols and SMGs are almost entirely useless in battle. They have a small ammo count, low fire rate, and high recoil. We recommend staying away from pistols as much as possible but if you’re caught off-guard by an enemy, you should equip your best one in case of emergency. The same is true for SMGs: we strongly advise you against using them during firefights because they tend to spray bullets wildly.

Safe zone

In an online game, there will be certain areas on a map where players cannot attack each other—these are known as safe zones. Safe zones are standard in games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and can be added by server hosts for their game servers. The purpose of a safe zone is to allow players to rest and repair their equipment before venturing into dangerous territory.


To unlock heavy weapons in pubg mobile hack, use a hack app. It provides you with some features that are easily accessible for free and make you better at playing PUBG Mobile Hack download. I have been using these hacks for a long time without any issues, and trust me, it’s worth giving it a shot! Download it now by clicking on the link below!


Let’s face it aimbots are tempting. For casual players, they can help improve your aim and even turn you into a pro. But there’s no denying that cheaters ruin games by ruining matches. If you have an addictive personality, aimbots may prove too decisive a draw, so use caution before downloading one of these apps.

Unlimited BP

Pubg mobile hack download provides you unlimited BP in gameplay. By using these additional tools, you can enjoy various resources for free. This tool is free to download and easy to install on your device with the instructions. It has no side effects on your account. Use it and have fun with pubg mobile hack download apk full version tools here! The primary purpose of installing the pubg mobile mod menu is that players can unlock all premium features which are only available in pro versions or paid games like ad-free games.

Free to Use

Most of these hacks are free to use. We’re fans of free stuff, so why would we charge people for a hack? That’s just plain crazy! It also makes things more difficult for everyone else because then you have to try and figure out if it’s legit or not. The best way is to go with something completely free.

Unlimited UC

If you want to unlock these premium features but don’t know how there is good news. Today we will tell you about a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals within a few minutes. This tool is known as UC hack, and it comes with many advanced features like anti-ban protection, proxy, etc.

Wallhack feature

The wallhack is especially useful if you are entering your building and cannot see anything. It can help you a lot by showing where enemies are or helping you shoot them from behind the cover, which would be impossible otherwise. This is one of my favourite features, and I think it’s worth it. You will get notified about enemies on your screen no matter what, making it easier for you to identify their position without having to look around.

PUBG mobile hack download

PUBG Mobile Apk Moded Features

Modded by a professional developers team, get everything for free. If you want to unlock all these premium features, please install our PUBG mobile unlimited money and coins hack apk as instructed. Get unlimited Gold/Coins while playing on any map with no root required. Modify your Pubg apk files in a few clicks and play it right after installation. We ensure you can easily modify your game files for the permanently unlocked premium version app.

How to download and install for Android?

Click on your download button and choose PUBG mobile hack download apk. Once it is downloaded, open up the file manager, follow all the instructions in order, and you will have unlocked your weapons within a few minutes. It is straightforward but highly effective! If you need help or have questions, leave a comment below!

Download and Install the PUBG Mod Apk For PC

It would be best if you had an Android emulator for your PC to use mobile hacker apps. Once you have installed Bluestacks on your PC or laptop, please open it and log in using your Gmail account details. The next step is installing PubgMobile-Mod-apk on Bluestacks using your Google Play Store account and running it by clicking on its icon displayed on the home page of the Bluestacks window.

PUBG mobile hack download
PUBG mobile hack download

Battleground Mobile India vs PUBG Mobile Hack Download

The player on the mobile of the player in India has made an official release, and everyone is eager to try the game. Before this is that, what are you aware of about the game? Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Corps is a well-known battle royale game created by Tencent.

The battle royale was a viral game on its PC version of the player. However, the game is designed for mobile phones and is extremely popular. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, they’re also identical.

Differences between PUBG Mobile India & Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk


In the design and appearance of the game, Battlegrounds Mobile has a significant advantage over PUBG Mobile hack download. It’s because the game makes you feel as if you’re playing a real battle royale.

Whereas in the mobile version of PUBG India, the graphics are only treated to some minor touch-ups. While it wasn’t an issue in any way, however, Battlegrounds Mobile has been able to give players on mobile India the actual battle royale multiplayer experience.

Android Version Support

When we look at the availability of Android versions of the two titles, PUBG Mobile hack download is better than Battlegrounds Mobile here. This game only supports Android 4.4 or higher and Battlegrounds Mobile supports android version 2.3 or higher it is challenging to install on many Android devices.


The gameplay of both games is similar; however, we can state that PUBG mobile hack download is more able to improve in this area. The game’s primary goal is to take out the enemy with your weapon; however, there are lots of bugs.

With Battlegrounds Mobile, there are problems as you must travel from one point to B and then get rid of the rest of the players simultaneously. Both games have advantages and drawbacks since two different firms developed them.

Scope of Improvement

The range of improvements available for both games is vast; however, Battlegrounds Mobile has more room to improve over PUBG Mobile India. This game needs lots of polish and work before it can be improved at the right moment. It will be a great game when Battlegrounds Mobile is appropriately implemented, similar to PUBG Mobile India.

Game Modes

One of the most significant advantages for PUBG mobile hack download is that the basic idea is being given a lot of innovative ideas by Tencent, which has also added excellent modes available in the game which are not available within Battlegrounds Mobile.

For instance, Gun Mode, Zombie Mode and Sumo Mode have been added to the version by Tencent and have also provided lots of fresh ideas for players’ mobile India.

You can also create your distinctive modes for the mobile version of PUBG India only, and this feature isn’t accessible for Battlegrounds Mobile.

PUBG mobile hack download
PUBG mobile hack download


If you’re reading these instructions and thinking Wow, that sounds like a lot of work… don’t worry. It’s easier than it looks! It might sound not very easy at first glance, but once you get going and use your own words for each step, it becomes much less daunting. Practice makes perfect!


What is PUBG Mobile Hack download Apk?

This is a modded version of the official PUBG mobile hack download Apk game. It has various features that will help you win the game very quickly. For example, infinite health, infinite money and lots more.

Is it safe to use this mod apk?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use because it doesn’t ask you to root your device.

Can I play online with my friends?

You can only play offline mode with bots or in solo mode. You cannot play online because PUBG officials may ban your account.

Is PUBG mobile hack download free?

Yes, it’s free to download from our website. We have given the direct download link below.

PUBG Mobile Hack Download Apk Free v2.0.0 APK-360.com

That’s where our PUBG Mobile Hack Download comes in. This tool will give you unlimited free access to all premium weapons, including submachine guns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers, regardless of whether or not you paid for them through in-app purchases. The online hack supports Android and iOS platforms, and it’s easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions. Install the app on your device, start the generator, connect your mobile phone to your PC with a USB cable and hit the Start button to get instant access to all weapons.

Price: Free

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.4+, iOS 12.0+

Application Category: Games, Action

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