ROOMS: The Toymaker’s Mansion MOD APK (Unlocked Level/Moves/Hints)

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Name Rooms Mod Apk
Publisher APK-360
Genre Puzzle
Size 86M
Developer Lunosoft
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Mod Info Unlocked Level/Moves/Hints
Update May 29, 2022
Price Free

Introducing the Rooms Mod Apk – a Strange and Engaging Puzzle Game

You’re trapped in this strange white room. You can’t get out or even see what the room looks like, but there are these… rooms, each with its own set of puzzles and challenges that you need to figure out if you want to escape from this weird place. That’s the premise of The Rooms Mod Apk, one of the best puzzle games we’ve ever played.

Rooms Mod Apk

General information

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Rooms Mod Apk One of these apps is called Rooms Mod Apk. You should use its APK file instead of accessing its site when you want to play it with your friends.

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What is Rooms Mod Apk?

Rooms Mod Apk Indie game developer Fireproof Games has released another app in its Room series: Room 3. But it’s not just an app there’s also a mod for an Android app that lets you change various aspects of it, including graphics.

The mod gives players new art for in-game objects, replaces artwork with photos from your device, and even adds extra cutscenes. Also, if you have The Room: Old Sins game on Android (but don’t have access to it anymore), there’s even a way to unlock it with the rooms mod apk for free! Here are some of the extra features.

Rooms Mod Apk

All about The Rooms

Rooms Mod Apk Released in 2022, The Room was an instant hit on mobile devices. Developed by Fireproof Games, it is an intricate puzzle game with various unlockable objects to discover. The game has multiple sequel installments that continually expand on what you can do in your virtual room.

Rooms Mod Apk If you’re looking for something unique, engaging, and best of all, free—then The Room mod apk is perfect! Downloading from reputable sources ensures that you get an authentic experience every time. Make sure to use one of ours.

The Room old sins apk download links if you want to experience one of the best mobile games available today. Downloading via any other source puts your device at risk for malware or viruses; stay safe and stick with us!

How to Play Rooms Mod Apk?

We’ll walk you through all you need to know about playing the Room mod apk. This can be played offline, meaning no internet connection is required. One of its main draws is that it has no ads, giving players full access to everything it offers.

Rooms Mod Apk The game also allows users to play in a live online setting with people from all over if they wish. It’s one of those games that has been on Steam for some time and continues growing in popularity even now as part of Android’s lineup on mobile devices.

Rooms Mod Apk Plus, it’s free! Now let’s look at how to download and install the Room mod apk. For best results, we recommend doing so via the BlueStacks app player. That way, you won’t have any issues or errors while getting things set up and running smoothly.

Here are some quick instructions on how to get started:

  1. Download the BlueStacks app player
  2. Run BlueStacks
  3. Open Google Play Store
  4. Search for Room mod apk
  5. Select Install 6) Open App
  6. Start Playing. To unlock all levels, please follow these steps: 1. Launch Rooms app 2. Click on the More tab located at the bottom right corner 3.


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Rooms Mod Apk


Rooms Mod Apk Though it is primarily thought of as a puzzle game, The Room Old Sins apk shines through its beautifully-crafted story. You’re introduced to an exciting cast of characters that develop throughout your adventure without spoiling too much.

What starts as a straightforward puzzle slowly becomes much more complex, with new puzzles continuously being introduced. It’s pretty clever to see how well-built it all is, bringing you into its world most gently and reasonably.


There aren’t any significant drawbacks to using the Rooms Mod apk. There are issues on devices running older versions of Android and with certain device/Android manufacturer combinations.

Still, Google Play is not currently allowing an update to address those problems until they can be solved. However, we should see fixes for those potential issues in reasonably short order.

Rooms Mod Apk And even if you have one of those potentially problematic devices, you can still play the game offline. An excellent convenience for those who like to pre-load content or don’t want to depend on an Internet connection for puzzle solving!

How to download and install Rooms Mod Apk?

To download the Room Mod apk on your android phone you just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open “Apk-360.com” on any android browser.

Step 2: Search “Room Mod Apk” on our Website.

Step 3: Click the download button and download it.

Step 4: After the download is completed enjoy it.

A review of the first half of the game

Although it is a puzzle game, The Room (Old Sins) mod apk gradually introduces you to its complex puzzles without explicitly explaining how things work. There’s no in-game tutorial at all you begin.

Before long, you realize that every aspect of it is done with a purpose: for example, as with many great puzzle games, each one of its levels adds something new and challenging to keep players on their toes until they get used to everything that works.

I love how rooms mod apk quietly teaches me something new while keeping me fully engrossed by presenting me with devious challenges.

A review of the second half of the game

The room’s mod apk can also be challenging, at least in its second half. With new puzzles comes new brainteasers to solve and a new companion added by you completing previous puzzles. A puzzle game should never lose its charm, but of course, it still must be challenging.

The room’s mod apk is well balanced between being too easy or too hard, with just enough difficulty for you to solve without giving up entirely.

And that’s where we get back to having to show restraint in reviewing other games here: if your team spends months working on something, then it’s natural for them to want people to like it; but obviously, that means there’s no place here for someone saying what they think about something as long as it makes people happy.

Some final thoughts on what we liked

I particularly liked how each review brought in new information to show where possible applications could be found. For example, instead of saying I wanted it, my friend wrote that it makes you feel like you’re traveling through time or something.

The tango lives mod unlock private review mentioned one positive aspect of its appeal: it allowed people to spend time with their loved ones without being physically present with them.

Some final thoughts on what we didn’t like

Although it is a puzzle game, The Room Old Sins APK can be quite taxing on your brain. So, if you’re looking for something to relax after a long day, you might want to consider that.

And yet we loved playing through its various levels, again and again, learning as we went along which techniques would best help us continue on our mission to crack each puzzle.

Just make sure your phone or tablet doesn’t go off in another room while you’re trying to solve one of these puzzles; trust us: when that happens, getting back in the zone will prove difficult! In fact, during our review process, we found ourselves suffering from several What just happened?


Q.Do I need Root to use the mod?

No, you don’t need Root to install the Room Mod apk.

Q.What will happen if Root is enabled?

If you enable Root, then it may bring some problems to your device.

Q.How much do Room Mods cost?

To remove ads costs between $0.99-$4.99.


The Room is challenging and fun. It manages to create an intriguing world in which all these strange occurrences are just happening for reasons unknown.

Its app-like navigation makes it easy to access its numerous puzzles, making it ideal when you need to waste a few minutes waiting around or kill time before going out with friends.

This unique title deserves your attention if you enjoy mysteries or indie games with exciting plot lines. You will find yourself engrossed in The Room, racking your brain as you try to uncover its many secrets.

If you’re into fantasy, sci-fi or mystery fiction, The Room is right up your alley! Be sure to check out The Room mod apk an excellent free game packed with thoughtful storytelling! Download now!