Score Hero MOD APK 2.75 (Unlimited Money)

Name Score Hero MOD APK
Publisher Apk-360
Genre Sports
Size 98 MB
Version 2.75
Developer First Touch Games Ltd
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Mod Info Money increase when spent!
Price Free
Update 2022/07/25

What is Score hero mod APK?

The score hero MOD APK is a perfect gaming application. It has 3D gameplay making it very much realistic. Here you can also customize the character as you like. You can also play this game with your friends. The storyline is that you will make a legend from the common man. Here I will discuss all the features included and their requirements. And about everything included.


Dream League Soccer


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More about Score Hero MOD APK?

Here you can create the character of your interest. Then you can start your football journey, and if you work hard, you will also become a pro in this game. You can also challenge your friends. You can also play for your nation to show your skill.


You must have been a football enthusiast when you were younger. You can feel like you’re playing this game. The characters will follow your instructions because they are just like regular players. There are several dramatic situations throughout the novel. Excellent capabilities and attributes for the circumstance. This kind of gameplay is unheard of in video games.

Score Hero Mod Apk

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This game is very long. It has almost 550+ levels and more. You can play each level after completing the previous one. And as you go further in-game, the levels become more complex. You can still score goals and will be able to win other trophies and achievements.


In this game, you are free to customize your character as you prefer. You will also feel kind of personal while playing because of the character you made.

Sync data

This feature will allow you to connect your account with the application. It will save your previous data and synchronize your account for an earlier play.

Visual and sound quality

It comes with 3D graphics, and score hero gives us a next-generation football. It brings together some epic scenes and a charming animated match.

Now the sound quality is superior, with accurate effects of sound. Your experience will out blast.

Artificial intelligence

The best and most liked feature of this app is that. It uses artificial intelligence to adjust the ball’s passes automatically, which makes our game quite unique.

3D Graphics

The main point is that the game provides you with 3D graphics. Because of this, the looks are more realistic and stunning.

Technical issues fixed

All the technical issues and other bugs are now successfully resolved.

Bugs resolved

There were many minor bugs before in the game. But now all the major and minor bugs are fixed.

Play games with friends

It allows you to play it with your friend. You can challenge your friends in this application to show them your skills. And you can also practice it with them to be good players.

The ultimate gameplay

The gameplay of this Score Hero MOD APK. It is really different from all the other games, and it is also very intense to play for every player. High concentration is required to pass every level. In this game, you will face many tough opponents. 

Play the one-touch technique to defeat your opponents. In every match, try to goal and try to do as many goals as you can to win the game. I have also played this game. And to be honest, it is very enjoyable that once you start playing, you will become addicted.

Score Hero Mod Apk

Mod features

Unlimited Cash

This mod version of the Score Hero MOD APK gives the player unlimited cash. So you can enjoy the game to the fullest a buy anything you want.

Unlimited Energy

The character in the game has limitless energy, thanks to this hack. So, this game can be played for a long time. Thanks to this hack, you won’t have to wait for the character to collect energy. This mod is beneficial for those who enjoy playing games for extended periods.


The 3D graphics in Score hero MOD APK are fantastic. It moves to a new generation with this. The amusing aspect is that the game plays smoothly even with such graphics. The software also has some fantastic cut sequences and wild animations, which are incredibly satisfying. You will appreciate the plot even more while playing this 3D game.




This score hero MOD APK is very light. It does not take too much storage on your device. So, you do not need any heavy storage to store this app.

High addiction

Score hero MOD APK is so good that you will become an addict once you play.  The reason behind this addiction is that this app has about 550+ levels. And each level is unique in its own way, and it becomes challenging as you go further.

Free of cost

The most fun fact and the best benefit about his game are that it comes with no additional payments. So you don’t have to pay anything to play.



Score hero MOD APK is not much heavy, but it can cause some hanging issues on low devices since they don’t have an updated processor.


This can heat your phone, but this is natural because if you play a game for several hours. It will heat your phone.


Like other games, score hero MOD APK also contains some in-app ads. Suppose you get irritated by these ads. Then you can pay to get them removed.

Score Hero Mod Apk

How to allow unknown sources?

Most Apk versions need some unknown source permissions. For this purpose, you will need to allow these sources. These versions are always third-party generation applications. You will go to the settings and security. You will see the unknown sources option, which you need to permit by allowing.

How to download

  1. To download, click on the link which is given to you. Then you will see that it will ask for your permission to download.
  2. Go to settings, and click on allow permission to allow third-party apps to be downloaded. Then
  3. Choose yes, and then it will start to download
  4. After that, you will see the installation page
  5. Then all you have to do is just click on the install button after the installation is finished.
  6. Your game will be installed, and you will be ready to play this excellent software.


Is playing Score Hero MOD APK a safe version?

We always guarantee our users safe content and applications. So one must not need to worry about it.

How many leagues can I play?

You can play up to 90 officially licensed teams on the app and from the world’s greatest premium league.

Is Score Hero MOD APK less MB game?

You can easily adjust it on your device, as many other apps do not require much space.                                                             

Should we get the Score Hero MOD APK from Google Play?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to download this version from the play store. It will be only available on apk websites like ours.

Is this version free to play with premium features?

Yeah, it’s 1000% free to play. You need to download and install it on your devices.

Score Hero Mod Apk


Lastly, it is the latest favorite application for many adults and children. You can experience the realistic play of football. Its levels, in-play skills and many other things are the fact that this software is the ultimate legend. With all these above features, you can enjoy excellent HD resolution.

Our website is giving you the latest Score Hero Mod Apk, which will enable many sorts of premium things and features. Our website guarantees safety measures, and data is always safe with us. No third party can attain your private data. Now straightly go to the downloading panel and download it.