Slither io Mod Apk v4.5 God Mode Download Android

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Name Slither.io Mod Apk
Publisher Apk-360
Genre Action
Size 16.9 MB
Version v4.5
Developer Lowtech Studios
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Mod Info Unlimited Money
Price Free
Update May 28, 2022

Slither io Mod Apk – Enjoy puzzle elements with a small worm

A recent popular worldwide board game with puzzle elements in which you will control a small worm. The essence of the game is straightforward and straightforward from the first minutes of the gameplay. To win, you have to eat apples or other worms on your way, but your enemy will be mainly other players who will try to kill you by eating them first. This game has been updated many times with new ways to play it, and it has attracted even more attention from fans worldwide! If you want to learn how to download slither io mod apk, keep reading our article!


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What Is Slither io Mod Apk?

The essence of that interesting but straightforward game is relatively easy to explain. It is a 3D version of Worms. It’s a computer battle with no guns and tanks here, but only worms of different colours which eat each other to grow in size and move closer to victory. There are online competitions all day long, so it is possible not just to have fun yourself but also compete for someone else’s money from all around the world Title: The Essence Of This Game Is Simple As It Can Be Slither io mod apk free download unlimited life in Android.

Slither io mod apk

How Does This Game Work?

In Slither io mod apk, you control a small snake that moves in any direction on your screen upwards, downwards, to both sides and diagonally. Your goal is to eat your opponents, also snakes of different colours (which get smaller and more numerous at every level).

If you touch your tail or anything else, you die and have to start over from level one. The giant game board (at every new level) gives you more chances to confront your opponents, but it also makes it harder for them to hide! The game includes skins so you can change your character’s appearance: winter holiday theme, being a superhero or even being a zombie are just some of them!

Gameplay Tips And Tricks

First, you need to move in a straight line and eat food more prominent than your size. For such a task, you will gain a certain amount of points, which will grow as your body gets bigger and bigger. While you are moving in one direction, it’s essential to consider that everything around you is alive and dangerous, so remember to hide before somebody can eat you up! Opening all free maps (six in total) at least once in normal mode will transform your snake into an ultimate snake that is invulnerable for one minute after changing into another map.


The slither io apk mod is a popular worldwide board game for android and ios devices. In the main part of the game, you have to control a little worm that needs to grow, eat dots and make your enemy worms dead. The more dots eat, the bigger you will become. This is a fun way to pass the time and distract from everyday life challenges. You can add new content, unlimited life, god mode, many points of gameplay, and customize skins free on android devices by using slither io mod apk features.

Slither.io mod apk god mode

Slither io mod apk unlimited life for Android is a popular worldwide board game with puzzle elements in which you will control a small worm. The essence of the game is straightforward and straightforward from the first minutes of the gameplay. You have to eat flies that get into your field of vision, moving forward in an attempt to capture as much territory as possible, thus increasing your level and rank.

Alongside bonuses appearing on each map, they will help you to digest more than one fly at a time or move faster. You can choose different colours and characteristics of your snake to distinguish it from other players in online multiplayer mode, where you can play against hundreds of participants worldwide or challenge your friends via your Facebook account.

Slither io no ads apk

slither io mod apk file is also available on PlayStore however, it has lots of advertisements that significantly ruin your fun and game experience. To overcome that issue, Slither io mod apk no ads is widely used by users. The speciality of downloading Slither io apk no ads is that you can enjoy slither io mod apk without any ad pop-ups during gameplay or whenever you open up the menu button in-game.

Slither io mod apk

New Game Mode and Multiplayer Rules

The latest version of Slither io mod apk has added a new game mode, Sling, which is like hunger games, where players are required to eat other snakes and rise from bottom to top. Besides, you can play online against other users using wireless or any other connection. It has improved their network code a lot and reduced lag quite significantly.

Download Instructions for Android

First, you must download the apk file from our site and install it. This installation is relatively simple and similar to any other app installation. However, we still have a special instruction for you: open Settings -> Security -> Turn on Unknown Sources to be able to install apps from different sources than Google Play Store. Wait until the installation is finished, and then you can launch the game and start playing it! If the game is not working, please restart your phone or try another device! Good luck!

Slither.io mods for iPhone

Game online has more than 12 million players worldwide. If you want to enjoy unlimited lives or get extra power, we invite you to download a Slither io mod apk file on Android and iOS devices! Start playing free games for real money or coins and be victorious in battles between players worldwide. If you want to stay at a decent level of progress in it, do not waste your time and play for free! Do not miss a chance to meet new friends who like it just as much as you do find them by choosing any name starting from A to Z from search games.

Pros and Cons

Slither io mod apk is one of those games that would sit in your browser’s web search pages, and you don’t have to pay anything or download it. It’s also safe for kids, but only up to 10 years old; parents should always be concerned about anything involved online, such as slither io apk hack and slither io mod apk android, download to be kept secure because their vulnerabilities are possible at any point in time. You can also play against other players worldwide via multiplayer mode and compete with them over a certain period. You will have different skins to choose from to look unique while playing.

Slither io mod apk

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Slither io mod apk

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Slither io Mod Apk v4.5 God Mode Free Dowenload - APK-360

In Slither io mod apk, you control a small snake that moves in any direction on your screen upwards, downwards, to both sides and diagonally.

Price: Free

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.4+. iOS 12.0+

Application Category: Games, Action

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