Spotify MOD APK – Free Download Unlock Feature

What is Spotify MOD APK:

Spotify MOD APK is one of the most popular music streaming apps available on the android platform, with millions of users globally.

You can download all your favorite songs and playlist from Spotify for free. Any new or Latest music can be easily accessed with this tool. The user interface of Spotify is beautiful, and it works well on both Android and iOS devices.

This app is free to use but contains some ads, which can be removed with the help of Spotify premium apk.

The app was first launched on October 7, 2008, for the Mac, where users could play and stream music from their computer. Version 2.0 was released two years later, adding support for Windows and iOS devices like iPhones. In July 2013, the Android app was released.

The most recent update to the Spotify app was March 2016, which added new features like podcasts, an improved browsing experience, and a “daily mix” option that automatically creates playlists based on user tastes and listening history.

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Instruction of Spotify MOD APK:

You can use the free trial version of the Spotify app for up to 7 days. After that, you have to start paying $9.99 per month to continue using the app. If you don’t want to buy a premium subscription, you can use Spotify MOD APK. It’s an APK (Android application file) that will remove its restrictions.

It’s an illegal APK, not officially supported by Spotify company so it might be discontinued at any time. However, it works just like the original one and allows you to use the full-featured free version of the app without paying a single penny.

Spotify MOD APK feature:

Spotify Mod Apk Download is a significant player in the music streaming business. With 40 million paying subscribers and more than 100 million active users, it is expected to take on Apple Music. There is a list of Spotify MOD APK. So, I have decided to share the details of the premium service by releasing Spotify Mod Apk.

1. Unlocked Songs

All the collections of the song in Spotify MOD APK are unlocked. You can play any music that you want whenever you want.

2. Offline Mode

You can play songs without having an internet connection.

3. No Ads

No more ads interrupting your listening experience when using this modded version of the Spotify app.

4. Unlimited Scrobbling

You will be able to scrobble as many tracks as you want without restrictions or limits set by Spotify developers.

5. Unlimited Playlists

You can create unlimited playlists without any restriction from Spotify developers.

6. Background Playback

This feature lets us keep listening to our favorite music while we use other apps on our device or even when we lock our screen.

7. Equalizer

With this feature, you can customize the sound quality as per your choice.

8. Widgets

You can place a widget on your home screen and control Spotify immediately without opening the app.

Spotify MOD APK for Android:

The Spotify MOD APK for Android is now available for free download. Spotify is the best online music streaming service to listen to music for free.

The free version of Spotify is not as good as the premium version, but it is still a great app that allows you to stream music worldwide. The free version of Spotify does not allow you to download songs, so you need the premium version if you want to listen offline.

Spotify MOD APK for Android is the latest version of Spotify for Android. This app allows you to play music anywhere and anytime.

You can download it on your android smartphone or tablet by following this link http://www.Apk-360.com/. You can also download it from other websites but beware of downloading apps from websites that don’t look professional and have no downloads rating and comments.

How to download and install Spotify MOD APK?

Welcome to the simple guide on downloading and installing Spotify mod apk. With a premium subscription, users can listen to music on any device they want and on-demand with no ads. Users can also download songs for offline listening.

Step 1: Download the MOD APK file from here: https://apk-360.com/.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file on your Android device. 

Step 3: Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources (Allow installation of apps outside Google Play Store)

Step 4: Locate the Spotify MOD APK file and install it. That’s it! Enjoy the premium version of Spotify for free!

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Download Spotify MOD for ios:

Spotify MOD APK is the favorite music app for IOS and Android. If you’ve been playing around with Spotify, you’ve probably discovered that it has quite a few limitations.

Here’s how to install Spotify MOD on your iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Install Cydia Impactor on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your PC via USB cable.

Step 3: Launch Cydia Impactor and drag the Spotify MOD IPA file over Impactor’s window.

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted, then hit Enter when asked if you want to continue.

Step 5: After a few minutes, the app will be installed on your device!

Download Spotify MOD APK For PC:

Spotify MOD is also available for PC and Mac. This article will show you how to download and install the Spotify MOD app on Windows 10/8/7 computers. 

Step 1: Go to the Bluestacks website download page and download the Bluestacks application player.

Step 2: Once installed, open the app player you have just downloaded & install the Spotify MOD APK file you have already downloaded from the above instructions step by step. Then double click on the Spotify MOD APK icon to run it on the android emulator screen of the blue stack player. 

If the Spotify APK does not work, then how to Recover it?

When the Spotify APK does not work, you may feel very annoying. But don’t worry, I have some solutions for you to get the Spotify APK to work again.

Reasons Why The Spotify APK Does Not Work

Like so many other apps, Spotify is also a victim of piracy. Due to its popularity among users, many developers are developing applications that enable you to access the premium services of Spotify free of cost.

These apps are available on third-party websites or as alternative app stores on your devices. In case of issues related to these applications, they can be fixed easily by uninstalling these apps and reinstalling them from the official website.


In this article, you have learned the basic steps involved in downloading Spotify MOD APK, installing it, and using it at your convenience. You can enjoy many benefits that this music streaming service will offer you if you can get hold of the Spotify MOD APK.