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Name YouTube Pink Apk Download
Publisher Apk-360
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 90MB
Version v17.28.34
Developer Google LLC
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Mod Info Ads Free, Vanced
Price Free
Update October 10, 2022


Everybody is familiar with YouTube, which is used worldwide but is restricted to certain countries. We recommend YouTube Pink Apk download on your device to overcome this restriction. With its help, you can access many more features not available in the original app.


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What is Pink YouTube APK?

This version of the official YouTube is used to play online videos. YouTube pink APK download old version provides a pink-coloured theme with an option to play the video in the background. You can download this application on our website APK-360.com for free if you want to use it.

Plus, it also gives you an ad-free experience as you know that everyone is irritated by ads, but here, you will not face such problems. You can perform this task with many apps today when you want to watch movies or hear the music because the internet is loaded with excellent applications. With these apps and the internet, anything is possible today.

This is one of the most popular apps, and it gives you permission to upload and watch various videos. But as you already know, many have rules and regulations you are forced to follow. Downloading this allows you to reach beyond any limit as it doesn’t restrict you. This gives you the premium YouTube experience that everyone deserves.

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 About YouTube Pink APK Download the Latest version

Additionally, you can install the old versions of this app, so you can use it as long as you want without worrying that you are on a free version. You can find many features that you have never seen or used before. This app can even control screen brightness without pausing your video. There is no restriction on countries. These are some significant features of this application.

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No country restrictions

Many apps on the Play Store or even on apk sites are not meant for your region. On the contrary, this app does not have any restrictions related to the country or the region. An app with a related feature is always a plus.


You can run this on any Android device you have. No matter the version, it is for all versions. Because this is not some heavy YouTube app, it is a premium used worldwide. The minimum requirement for this app is that your phone should have 2GB of RAM and a midrange processor to run this app smoothly.

Youtube pink apk download


If you want to enjoy your YouTube videos without interruptions or limitations, then. YouTube Pink Apk download is for you.

Elegant Theme

The theme of pink YT is catchy. It is an elegant theme. The whole theme revolves around the colour pink. Because of this theme, this is named Pink YouTube. The colour pink looks delightful and is loved by females more than by males.

The colour is so light and cool, and it doesn’t bother me a little. It is pertinent to note, however, that you are not only limited to the pink theme in this pinkYT. It is possible to change the theme’s colour as you wish.

Sync devices

Your devices will now be able to synchronize with the application so you can continue watching from where you left off.

User interface

This YouTube pink Apk download has a simple and pleasant user interface. All its features can be easily accessed without a guide.

Play Videos in the Background

The most remarkable feature that this app gives you is that you can enjoy any video of your choice without any ads interrupting you. You can also play any video in the background. You can also play videos in the environment while using other apps.

This feature is only available in the paid version of YouTube, but here in this app, you don’t have to pay a single penny to avail of this feature. And this is simply mind-blowing.

Enjoy YouTube without Limits

When you want to listen to music owatch your favourite movie, you search for many apps because today, the internet is full of many applications. YouTube is one of the most popular of them all. You can upload and watch countless videos with it. But as you already know, it has some restrictions and rules.

By downloading this software, you can get around any restrictions you may have. It has many remarkable features that you should know about. It has no advertisements, so you should not worry about ads popping up every few minutes to ruin your fun. Plus, you can also experience other features which are not available in the free version.

HD resolution

This YouTube pink apk download provides you with high-quality resolutions. Users can watch videos in high-definition quality without any hassle.

Free of cost

Our website provides an accessible version of the app for its users. It does not charge any cost to its customers.

Youtube pink apk download

 Less space consumption

The pink YouTube apk does not require much space on your device. You can easily download the app on your devices without any tension.

Repeat video

The feature provides the ability to repeat the video. You can repeat as many videos as you want.

No ads

Suppose you are using the internet today. Using ads, creators can earn money from their videos or their content. Some people may understand this, but many people cannot stand ads because it ruins their viewing experience. This app blocks all the ads are appearing on videos so you can enjoy watching them without interruption.

No restrictions

The app doesn’t restrict any content, regardless of your age, with this software. You can watch any video, irrespective of your country.

Shrink your video

With this, you can change the video playing without stopping it.


With the help of this application, you don’t have to double-tap the app to close the application. In short, you don’t have to close the app manually.

No root needed

It will never allow you to root your device due to its security measures.

Safe and confidential

It does not share any personal information. Any information a person provides to the app is always safe and secure. No third party can view your private data.

Dark mode

This application also has a Dark Mode feature, which you can use if you like. Feel free to use this feature to enjoy your app at night.

Youtube pink apk download

How to download the application on your devices?

YouTube pink APK download is a simple and easy process. Our site is giving you access to the download link. If you tap that button, your download will soon begin on your device. Furthermore, it will ask for some unknown source permissions, which you will grant. Youtube pink apk download for PC; simply use any android emulator.

How to install YouTube Pink APK on your Android device?

  1.  First of all, download YouTube Pink from our provided link.
  2.  Tap on the APK file, and then you should click on the install button. To start installation
  3.  Please wait a few seconds till the installation is complete
  4.  Once the installation is done, tap on the OPEN button to start the app and log in with our account
  5. Then, your app will be installed, and you can enjoy it.

Youtube pink apk download


Is this software safe for mobile phones?

It is safe, whether it’s about data or private concerns. One must not worry about safety measures.

How do you download the YouTube pink app?

The downloading and installation procedure has been mentioned above. You can swap up and see the process.

How to YouTube pink Apk download on PC?

To download it on the PC, you must have some emulators like BlueStacks. Then you can download the app there without any problem.

What is the most impressive feature of the app?

No advertisements are the best-of-best feature, as ads are always on the original app.

What is YouTube Vanced?

This version is also called YouTube Vanced (pink) APK. It is not another app. Now our website for YouTube vanced download.


Everyone on your contact list is the most recent YouTube pink APK download version. Due to its heavy features, you might enjoy using it. You might become comfortable with it over time. In contrast to the original app, people are more into the apk version, which is a plus point for this app.

Now you have all the information related to the application. Scroll up, tap on the download link, and enjoy your movies in HD resolution.

YouTube Pink Apk Download Free V17.28.34 - APK-360

Everybody is familiar with YouTube, which is used worldwide but is restricted to certain countries. We recommend YouTube Pink Apk download on your device to overcome this restriction. With its help, you can access many more features not available in the original app.

Price: Free

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android 4.4+, iOS 12.0 +

Application Category: Apps, Video players & Editors

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